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Rodney, certain skin tone isn’t compulsory to criticism oppression

There have been many sides to Colin Kaepernick’s preference to not mount for a inhabitant anthem, from players like Victor Cruz observant everybody needs to honour a dwindle to NASCAR motorist Tony Stewart job a Niners QB an idiot.

But now there’s a new conflict of Kaepernick’s non-violent criticism of black hardship and military brutality. One that says he has no place vocalization on a emanate during all.

Former NFL reserve and NBC researcher Rodney Harrison, in an talk on iHeartRadio Tuesday, called out Kaepernick’s biracial background, observant he knows zero of a black knowledge in America because, well, he’s not black.

“I tell we this, I’m a black man. And Colin Kaepernick — he’s not black,” Harrison told a internet radio station. “He can not know what we face and what other immature black group and black people face, or people of tone face, on a each singular (day) basis. When we travel in a grocery store, and we competence have $2,000 or $3,000 in your slot and we go adult in to a Foot Locker and they’re looking during we like we about to take something.

“You know, we don’t consider he faces those form of things that we face on a daily basis.”

Harrison even went on to contend that Kaepernick should usually cut a check to a cause, and let blacks quarrel this battle.

Green is a usually tone Kaepernick brings to a table, apparently.

Thanks Rodney, for starting a new conversation, one that I’ve been carrying my whole life. You see, we too am biracial, innate of a black father and white mother, as was Kaepernick. And we too have been told I’m not black. I’ve also been told I’m not white.

What we have been told is I’m an Oreo, a zebra, creamy and even diluted.

The indicate is, Rodney, we don’t control a account of what black is in this country. You’re not a decider of blackness. You don’t get to lay and decider Kaepernick’s practice and confirm for yourself what we consider he is and what he can protest.

For years we had to live in a moment between dual worlds, never entirely embraced by either. Which is because your comments were quite painful. we know what it’s like to be an alien of both communities, and it’s not easy to navigate. Among whites I’m black, and among some blacks, like yourself, I’m white.

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Rodney Harrison (r.) questions if Colin Kaepernick has faced racism.

(Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

For light-skinned folks like myself, we’ve been battling this marginalization given birth. It’s tough adequate to find yourself, let alone have others tell we what they consider we are and what we can pronounce to.

I theory President Obama should stay wordless on these issues as good given he too is biracial.

OK Rodney, if we don’t determine with a message, that’s fine, that’s your right. But to contend Kaepernick doesn’t have a skin tone to take a mount he’s holding is descent and racist.

Clearly realizing his mistake, Harrison took to Twitter to apologize for his words, going as distant as to contend that he didn’t know that Kaepernick was “mixed,” yet that’s tough to believe.

But does it unequivocally matter if he’s white or black or Latino or Asian or Native American?

I extol Kaepernick’s actions to lay for a anthem. And, discordant to Harrison’s faith that usually blacks have a management to criticism oppression, I’d like to see a white contestant join Kaepernick in solidarity. That’s what’s blank from these politically active athletes, white faces.

Martin Luther King once pronounced “Injustice anywhere is a hazard to probity everywhere.”

You don’t need to be black to quarrel injustice, we usually need to be means to brand it and have a bravery to do something about it.

It’s too bad Rodney Harrison can’t see that.

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