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Romo OK after withdrawal early with harmed back

3:20 AM ET

SEATTLE — Despite personification in usually 3 snaps of Thursday’s 27-17 preseason detriment to a Seattle Seahawks, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo came divided speedy that his surgically remade behind is stronger than ever.

Romo immediately reached for his reduce behind after removing sacked from behind by defensive finish Cliff Avril, who tangled Romo’s behind into a territory in a initial quarter.

“Whenever we take a hit, that was a ideal timed situation,” Romo said. “I was going into a slide. But in a uncanny way, we feel good about a fact that was substantially as tough of a strike I’ve taken on a behind as I’ve had in a final 5 years. From that regard, we feel unequivocally propitious that it can reason adult and we can keep going.”

Romo was hold out of a rest of a diversion by manager Jason Garrett after lobbying to return. Romo did not have any X-rays, yet he spent a second half of a diversion in a locker room.

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    It was another frightful impulse for a Cowboys when Tony Romo went down early in Seattle, and yet he walked off, a QB’s played small in preseason.

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  • “Initially we consider he was in a small bit of shock,” Garrett said. “He didn’t feel genuine good. But once a small time went by, we consider he was feeling better, improved and better. We don’t consider there is anything serious.”

    Owner and ubiquitous manager Jerry Jones was means to fun that he was spending a night in a Seattle sanatorium to have his heart tested after saying his quarterback go down. Romo had his behind operated on twice in 2013, and he missed one diversion in 2014 with dual cross routine fractures. Last season, he missed 12 games with a twice-broken left collarbone that compulsory offseason surgery.

    The Cowboys are 15-4 with Romo as a starter a past dual seasons and 1-12 though him.

    Jones pronounced a behind tenderness would not extent Romo’s ability to be prepared for a Sept. 11 deteriorate opener opposite a New York Giants.

    “I usually think, we, everybody had a scare,” Jones said. “He was not harm and he pronounced he wasn’t hurt. He wanted to go behind in. He could have left behind in and played.

    “But we regard Jason. It was his decision. After that, we couldn’t means for him to get hurt. You would’ve mislaid everybody had he walked behind out there and gotten hurt, either it was as a outcome of a initial one or not. That was a intelligent thing to do for a team, for everybody concerned here, is to call it a night for him. Certainly zero during interest there.”

    Romo has played usually 16 snaps in a preseason. The Cowboys tighten a preseason Sept. 1 opposite a Houston Texans, yet Romo has not played in a preseason culmination given 2006. In dual preseason games this summer, Romo has finished 5 of 6 passes for 60 yards.

    “At a impulse when we go down, we break so your behind gets squished, we theory we could say,” Romo pronounced in describing a feeling of a hit. “You roughly feel a prodigy as if someone gave we a stinger in your shoulder. It usually feels prohibited for a second. That dissipates after a notation and you’re OK. All of those things we felt before with behind injuries, those are all fine. Then you’re strength comes behind and you’re like OK. It usually takes a small bit.”

    Garrett was neutral as to either Romo would play opposite a Texans. Jones pronounced he has favourite what Romo has finished in a singular work.

    “He’s looked unequivocally good and of march a genuine approach to weigh how he looks is out during use and how he’s relocating around,” Jones said.

    Since 2013, Romo’s preseason snaps have discontinued any year. He played 69 snaps in 3 games in 2013, 50 in dual games in 2014 and 24 in dual games in 2015.

    “I felt good for camp. we felt good going into a diversion final week, same this week,” Romo said. “I feel unequivocally gentle either I’m finished personification or whatever. It’s coach’s call. we usually know my pursuit is to get prepared to play in a game, and we feel unequivocally good about the football group and the offense going forward. we consider we guys can see that we have a possibility to be a good unit.”

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