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RPT-NEWSMAKER-Illness ends career of Sergio Marchionne, a CEO who favourite to repair things

(Repeats story that ran Saturday with no change to title or text)

By Agnieszka Flak and Pamela Barbaglia

MILAN/LONDON, Jul 21 (Reuters) – Sergio Marchionne bent out on Saturday as one of a automobile industry’s many perfectionist and clinging arch executives, his health in predicament after a career in that he discovered Fiat and Chrysler, dual of a many storied brands.

Fourteen years after he initial took a circle of Fiat, a plain-spoken 66-year-old was transposed as trainer of a Fiat Chrysler (FCA) organisation he built. He had suffered critical complications from shoulder medicine and his health was worsening, a association said.

FCA gave no serve details.

In Italy, where his turnaround of Fiat warranted him mythological status, he was treated like a stone star. The former truth tyro and accountant roughly never wore a tie and elite infrequent sweaters, half-joking that it saved him time on dressing.

A complicated smoker until giving adult a robe a year ago, he was famous for operative unusually prolonged hours before descending ill. He demanded others keep a likewise tiresome schedule, earning him a repute from friends and foes comparison for being realistic and arrogant.

“I feel like we live in a tunnel. He is not usually demanding; he wants all your life clinging to him,” pronounced one landowner who has worked with Marchionne on several deals in new years.

Some could not keep adult with his round-the-clock approach.

“He emails we during all hours and wants an answer within 5 minutes, even in a center of a night. If we don’t answer shortly we remove a mandate,” another landowner said.

“I usually started carrying a life and saying my family when we stopped operative with him.”

In his final open coming on Jun 26, wearing his signature sweater, Marchionne seemed fatigued and out of exhale as he presented a Jeep Wrangler to Italy’s paramilitary police, a Carabinieri, during a rite in Rome.

Days later, he went to Switzerland to bear what FCA described as a shoulder operation. FCA has not pronounced what happened after he left a handling theatre, solely that he suffered complications that unexpected worsened on Saturday.

In an puncture house assembly on Saturday, FCA chose a conduct of a Jeep division, Mike Manley, as his inheritor and uttered “profound sorrow” during Marchionne’s condition.

Marchionne has finished what many suspicion impossible, many particularly his outrageous play usually over a decade ago when he set in suit a matrimony between a afterwards bum Fiat with broke U.S. opposition Chrysler. It is now a world’s seventh-largest carmaker and is debt-free.

“Sergio Marchionne’s time as CEO of Fiat is already a things of legend,” Bernstein researcher Max Warburton pronounced progressing this year.

His intelligent dealmaking kept investors onboard and warranted him accolades, even from competitors. Fiat’s value grew some-more than 11 times, helped by a spin-off of trucks and tractor builder CNH Industrial and sportscar organisation Ferrari, fuelling expectations of other transformational deals to come.


“You can disagree Sergio has a bad temperament. You can contend he is a bad father, as he never spends time with his kids, yet we can't ever doubt his care as a manager. He has finished miracles during Fiat,” pronounced another a chairman who worked with him.

The son of a carabiniere, Marchionne was innate and lifted in a bankrupt executive segment of Abruzzo, Italy. His family changed to Toronto when he was 14 to shun what his father noticed as a proportions of an Italian multitude spooky with standing over talent.

His credentials is in finance, not autos, yet Marchionne warranted acclamation for his turnaround skills in 2004-5 when he saved Fiat, Italy’s biggest industrial organisation with a century of story and a 200,000-strong tellurian workforce, from nearby bankruptcy.

“I like to repair things and to be blunt, Fiat needs a repair right now,” he pronounced after his appointment as CEO in 2004.

For 14 years he relentlessly followed those goals, sleeping on a cot of his private craft while jetting between offices in Detroit, Turin and London.

A tough adjudicator famous for removing his way, in 2005 Marchionne forced General Motors to compensate Fiat $2 billion not to practice an choice to sell a automobile multiplication to a U.S. carmaker.

He flattened an resistant hierarchy, replacing layers of center government with meritocracy.

He took a blade to costs, drastically shortening a series of automobile platforms, and shaped corner ventures to share expansion and manufacturing.

He clinched a partnership with Chrysler before eventually shopping out a rest of it in a understanding he orchestrated over his Christmas mangle in 2013, during a Florida beach, in a one-on-one assembly even those tighten to him were unknowingly of.

He regenerated Chrysler betting that a Jeep code should be taken global. Jeep is now Fiat Chrysler’s expansion engine.

He took a confidant step to finish prolongation of unprofitable sedans in a United States and retool plants to boost outlay of remunerative SUVs and trucks, a pierce given emulated by rivals.

Known by approach reports in Italy as “il Dottore” and by his U.S. lieutenants as “The Boss”, Marchionne ran a executive group with an iron fist, people who work closely with him say.


Marchionne has an considerable lane record of formulating shareholder value, yet he has been reduction successful during delivering a fibre of recent, desirous turnarounds.

Profitability in Europe is usually gradually recuperating and FCA has nonetheless to make any poignant inroads in China. It has also nonetheless to spin a distinction with Alfa Romeo that along with Jeep and Maserati was a concentration of a final plan launched in 2014.

Marchionne refused to follow rivals and deposit in electrification, before finally creation a U-turn as partial of a plan denounced in June.

He also leaves FCA overly reliant on North America, a segment approaching to come off a peaks soon.

Even yet his bid to combine with bigger U.S. opposition GM to share a costs of creation electric and unconstrained vehicles was regularly rebuffed, Marchionne certified a partnership for FCA was “ultimately inevitable” to be means to compete.

“Being small, lovable is going to do nothing,” he pronounced final year. “Go home, go to a beauty salon and do something else.”

Editing by Mark Bendeich and Diane Craft

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