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Ruby Rose’s Batwoman dress wins Twitter – even after casting controversy


The CW has found a Batwoman!

Ruby Rose’s Batwoman dress has taken flight, even if a star’s casting didn’t necessarily. 

In an picture expelled by The CW Tuesday, Rose is clad in her superhero garb: a form-fitting black uniform, accented by a burning shade of red, including a bat emblazoned on her chest. Rose also sports coordinating, shoulder-length locks.

Rose began filming her mark on The CW’s Arrowverse crossover currently in Vancouver, to atmosphere in December. Batwoman, aka Kate Kane, was reintroduced to DC Comics in 2006 as a lesbian travel fighter, and while LGBTQ characters seem prominently in other DC series, if a plan becomes a series, she would be a initial to lead one.

Rose’s casting was announced in August, a polarizing decision. While stars like Laverne Cox and Janelle Monáe congratulated a star, others shadowy her behaving abilities and wished a lesser-known “lesbian actress” was cast. (Rose identifies as queer.)

On Tuesday, Twitter distinguished a crime-fighting ensemble. 

“The fit looks fabulous,” a user raved. “It’s all we could have hoped for. Seeing her brought to life like this is some-more than we ever dreamed for you.”

“On an indeed certain note though, Ruby Rose looks (expletive) extraordinary as #Batwoman in #Arrow,” a NSFW tweet read.

“There is literally no hatred we can give to #rubyrose now that fit looks so good!” shared another. “Can’t get any some-more comic book accurate, i for one can not wait to see her in movement as #Batwoman!!”

The dress was good adequate to even stir a Rose’s hater. 

“Love a costume, dislike Ruby Rose as an actor immensely,” an comment posted.

Contributing: Sara M. Moniuszko

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