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Runaway equine gallops along highway in Malaysia’s Kelantan

Days after an ostrich was speckled using on a highway in Kuala Lumpur, a exile equine is now a centre of courtesy on Malaysian amicable media after it was speckled on a Kelantan highway. 

A equine on a highway in a northern Malaysian state of Kelantan. (Photo: Facebook)

KUALA LUMPUR: A exile equine was speckled galloping down a highway in a northern Malaysian state of Kelantan on Sunday morning (Jun 19), days after a identical occurrence in Kuala Lumpur when an ostrich disrupted traffic on a inhabitant highway.

Facebook user Adli Alimin posted dual brief videos on his page that showed a animal clearly preoccupied to a trade around it.

“The trade stopped during a flyover from Pasir Pekan to Kota Baru,” Mr Adli told The Star newspaper. “The equine was right in front of us, so we had to be discreet not to strike it given we didn’t know how it would’ve reacted.  

“It kept switching from a left to a right so we were disturbed for a safety.”  

He added: “Usually we see cows or goats, though this is a initial time I’m saying a equine on a road.”

This was a second occurrence of an animal using along a highway in Malaysia in reduction than a week. On Thursday afternoon, an ostrich disrupted trade in Kuala Lumpur as it dashed down a capital’s Federal Highway.

The ostrich – named Chickaboo – has given been recaptured and reunited with a owner, Darren Chow, who described Thursday afternoon’s eventuality as a “very hapless accident”. He thanked a 4 “good Samaritans” who helped recapture a bird.

Meanwhile, amicable media in Malaysia was abuzz over a galloping horse. One Facebook user said: “It would be fun to see a hippo using next.” Another labelled a equine “Proton Kuda”; kuda being a Malay word for horse, with Proton being Malaysia’s inhabitant carmaker. 

Article source: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asiapacific/runaway-horse-gallops/2886670.html