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Russia State Duma Passes Law Restricting Debt Collectors

The Russian State Duma has authorized in a third reading a check that restricts a actions of debt collectors, a Interfax news group reported Tuesday.

The check protects a rights of people in a routine of repaying debts and restricts a activities of collectors. The supplies of a law request usually to arrears, or debts blank one or some-more repayment.

Additionally, a check does not request to debts for housing and application services, including water, heat, and gas supply.

The thoroughfare of a law comes as debt collectors have been creation headlines in Russian and Western media. With some-more and some-more Russians being forced to take out high-interest loans during a oppressive recession, collectors have incited to assault to require repayment.

A child was harmed after a Molotov cocktail was thrown by a gourmet into a home in Ulyanovsk in Jan and collection agencies were criminialized in a Siberian city of Keremovo after a lady was raped by collectors.

The new check grants a right to unchanging communication with a debtor usually to credit institutions and entities whose categorical duty is a collection on overdue payments. Individual collectors contingency be purebred with a state.

A petitioner might directly promulgate with a debtor by personal meetings no some-more than once a week, and a check sets a extent on a volume of phone calls and created messages authorised to a creditor per day, week, and month.

A purebred particular or group can be fined anywhere between 50,000 and 500,000 rubles ($780-$7,800) for defilement of a law, while an unregistered entity might be fined adult to 2 million rubles ($31,000).

Liberal Democratic Party personality Vladimir Zhirinovsky said, “Symbolically, we are putting them in handcuffs, to stop them from harming the citizens,” state-run news group TASS reported.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/573137.html