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Russia Successfully Tests Short-Range Anti-Missile System

The Russian Air Force has successfully carried out tests of a new short-range anti-ballistic barb system, a Defense Ministry pronounced in a matter Tuesday.

The launch took place during a Sary-Shagan barb contrast site in Kazakhstan.

The barb “successfully finished a task, attack a aim during a scheduled time,” pronounced Aerospace Force Air Defense Chief Viktor Gumyonny.

The pierce follows a activation of a new NATO barb counterclaim hire in Romania. Tensions between Russia and a troops fondness have turn increasingly stretched in new months, with both sides deploying additional limit forces. The Romanian hire is partial of a incomparable complement that will also embody a bottom in Poland.

Russia has strongly cursed a barb shield, that a Kremlin believes has been combined to frustrate a country’s chief capabilities. Speaking on a theme in May, Russian President Vladimir Putin pronounced that nonetheless Russia did not wish to be concerned in a arms race, a nation “would not mount still if faced with a conditions where a change of force in a universe could be broken.”

NATO has confirmed that a barb invulnerability complement is designed to stop probable attacks from Iran.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/573119.html