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Russian Hacker Pleads Guilty of $1.6M Theft in U.S.

A Russian hacker has pled guilty in a U.S justice to helping in a burglary of $1.6 million, general media reported Monday.

Vadim Polyakov, 32, was a personality of a $1.6-million general ticket-scamming ring. He hacked into some-more than 1,000 accounts on U.S. sheet sales website StubHub.

Using a credit label sum trustworthy to a accounts, he and his accomplices purchased over 3,500 tickets to song and sporting events, prosecutors said.

Tickets were sole during a profit, with a unlawful deduction destined into mixed bank accounts to be laundered, prosecutors said.

A serve 9 people from opposite countries have been concerned in a case, dual of whom are still on a lam. Polyakov was also charged with income laundering and is a initial suspect to beg guilty. Two some-more Russian adults are nonetheless to mount trial.

In Jul 2014, Polyakov was arrested while in holiday in Spain during a ask of U.S. law coercion officials. He was extradited to a United States in 2015, notwithstanding objections from a Russian government.

Polyakov is set to be condemned on Jul 6, a New York Post reported Monday. He now faces adult to 12 years in prison

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/573110.html