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Russian Orchestra Holds Concert in Ruined City of Palmyra

An orchestra from Russia’s famed Mariinsky museum hold a performance in the ancient hull of the Syrian city of Palmyra on Thursday evening.

The concert was orderly in memory of Alexander Prokhorenko, a Russian infantryman who died while fighting to retake the city in March. The soldier called atmosphere strikes on his possess position after being surrounded by Islamic State fighters.

The concert was also a celebration of victory after Russian-backed Syrian soldiers liberated the city from Islamic State control.

An international UNESCO commission visited the ancient site progressing in the day to pledge their assistance in reconstructing the area. The 4000-year-old allotment was taken by Islamic State army in May 2015. The group hold mass executions in the hull and destroyed a number of ancient statues.

Russian member enclosed Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky, as good as musician and friend of President Vladimir Putin, Sergei Roldugin.

The concert, patrician “With a prayer from Palmyra: Music revives the ancient walls” was conducted by celebrated conductor Valery Gergiev.

Roldugin, a professional cellist, took to the theatre to perform in the concert.

The Islamic State is a terrorist classification criminialized in Russia.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/568161.html