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Russian Radio Engineer Faces 15 Years for Applying for Job Abroad

In 2010, Gennady Kravtsov wrote a pursuit focus letter, translated it regulating an online program, and sent it to a Swedish invulnerability firm.

Four year later, as Russia’s attribute with a West run-down over Ukraine, Kravtsov — who had worked for Russia’s GRU troops comprehension group as an operative specializing in satellites between 1990 and 2005 — was arrested on a Moscow travel by confidence use officers and charged with treason.

Prosecutors have given requested a 15-year judgment in a box that Kravtsov’s counsel pronounced has been injured by irregularities and an surprising brutality. A Moscow justice is due to confirm his judgment Monday, and those concerned reason out small wish of leniency.

“He usually wanted to know either he was indispensable or not … he shouldn’t get 15 years for that, not in any country,” Kravtsov’s wife, Alla Kravtsova, told The Moscow Times.

“It’s totally transparent that they [the authorities] need spies,” she added, referring to a array of espionage cases that has swept a nation during a final 18 months.

Kravtsov, who maintains his innocence, is one of several Russians indicted of treason, a assign that has turn some-more common given anti-U.S. tongue from a Kremlin aromatic of a Cold War intensified, and Russia’s general siege deepened during a Ukraine crisis. More and more, Russian officials execute any organisation with foreigners or unfamiliar organizations as a probable hazard to inhabitant security.

Treason in a Air

The array of fraud philosophy in Russia jumped neatly in 2014, and anecdotal justification suggests that a array of cases has continued to grow.

This year alone, those confronting fraud charges have enclosed Vladimir Lapygin, a 74-year-old highbrow from a prestigious Moscow university; Yevgeny Petrin, a former worker of a Russian Orthodox Church; Sergei Minakov, a former soldier in Russia’s Black Sea Fleet; and Pyotr Parpulov, an airfield employee.

There were 15 fraud philosophy final year and in all cases a defendants were given jail terms, a RBC news website reported progressing final year, citing Supreme Court data. In 2013 there were usually 4 convictions, according to RBC.

The limit punishment for fraud underneath Russian law is 20 years in jail.

“For somebody it means 15 years in prison, while for someone else it meant additional stars on their epaulettes: State confidence officers make their careers regulating these cases,” pronounced Kravtsov’s counsel Ivan Pavlov, who has shielded many of those indicted of treason.

All in a Letters

After withdrawal a GRU in 2005, according to his wife, Kravtsov worked during a array of state invulnerability companies — quitting any time after apropos artificial with a turn of crime and incompetence.

In 2010, after his confidence clearway was downgraded and he became authorised to accept a unfamiliar passport, Kravtsov motionless to e-mail a Swedish company.

He used Yandex Translate to interpret his minute from Russian into English and sent it off. The organisation replied disappearing his services given he was not a Swedish national.

“He’s an idealist, he can’t bear lies or foolish bosses,” pronounced Kravtsova. “He wrote a minute to Sweden out of vexation, it was a cry from a heart.”

Officers from Russia’s Federal Security Service, a inheritor group to a Soviet-era KGB, usually questioned a scientist for a initial time in 2013 — after he wrote another minute looking for a job, this time to a Minister of Defense in Belarus.

“It was a childish thing to do,” pronounced Kravtsova of a handwritten minute to Belarus. “That day they came to us with a hunt aver and confiscated a computer.”

On a mechanism they found a duplicate of a minute to a Swedish company, and after a year of auxiliary with investigators, in May 2014 Kravtsov was arrested. He has been hold in Moscow’s scandalous Lefortovo jail ever since.

Alla Kravtsova at the kitchen list with her daughter Vasilisa and son Anton at their home in northern Moscow.

Secret Trial

Both Pavlov and Kravtsova lay that a operative was subjected to postulated psychological vigour in jail from investigators as they sought to remove a confession.

Kravtsova pronounced investigators told her that attempts to sinecure a counsel or hit reporters would outcome in a harsher judgment for her husband.

All record during a hearing were sealed and privacy restrictions meant some information was not even expelled to Kravtsov. Prosecutors called 3 witnesses — dual acquaintances of Kravtsov’s and one FSB officer — though a invulnerability was not authorised to call any.

Pavlov, who is barred from divulgence sum of a box given of privacy clauses, pronounced all of a defense’s petitions were declined. “We were not authorised to move anything new to a case, a arms and legs were tied and a eyes were blindfolded,” he wrote on his blog final week.

Kravtsov has never denied essay a minute to a Swedish firm, though rejects a fraud charges and reportedly gave a sour debate during a court’s summing up.

“There were no state secrets in that letter,” pronounced Pavlov. “There was no goal to discredit outmost security.”

‘I Believe in Miracles’

Kravtsova further insists on her husband’s innocence.

“He is a scientist and he is not versed for daily life,” she said. “He is not able of fabrication or trick … he would never have finished anything opposite his country.”

Since his arrest, Kravtsova pronounced that she has been researching famous view cases and got in hold with Igor Sutyagin, a troops consultant jailed for espionage and expelled in a thespian 2010 view barter with a United States after 11 years in prison.

The couple’s dual children — aged 4 and 8 — know that their father is in jail given of all a conversations about him during home, pronounced Kravtsova.

Kravtsov primarily approaching a box to uncover and looked to be expelled each dual months when his apprehension standing came adult for renewal, according to his wife, though he is now quiescent to his predestine and expects to be given a prolonged jail tenure Monday.

Kravtsova pronounced that she retains hope, partly for a consequence of a children.

“I trust that something will occur and he won’t have to offer such a sentence,” she said. “I trust in miracles, notwithstanding all we trust in miracles, that this stupidity will end, that he will be found innocent.”

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