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Russian Security Services Demand Pavlensky Pay $7,500 for Burned Door

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has filed a lawsuit opposite impassioned opening artist Pyotr Pavlensky for repairs he caused when environment glow to a doorway of a organization’s headquarters, a Mediazona news website reported Friday.

The FSB claims a doorway is of informative stress and estimated a repairs caused by Pavlensky to cost 481,000 rubles ($7,500).

Pavlensky is now on hearing for deleterious Russia’s informative birthright after he poured petrol over a wooden doors of FSB building and set them on glow in Nov 2015. The building in a Lyubanka area of executive Moscow has been used by a confidence services given a Soviet era.

The artist called a work “Threat: Lubyanka’s Burning Door,” and pronounced it was carried out in criticism opposite odious supervision policies. Pavlensky has been kept in control given his detain on a day of a protest.

On May 31, a romantic was nominated for a Russian Security Services’ Prize for Literature and a Arts by Maria Baronova, a co-ordinator of a “Open Russia” tellurian rights project. The esteem is given for a artistic work on a theme of a FSB.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/571287.html