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Russian TV Channels Sue U.S. Distributors Over Piracy

A series of Russian radio broadcasters have filed a category movement lawsuit in a district justice of New York opposite companies illegally broadcasting their programs in a United States, a Kommersant journal reported Monday.

The lawsuit has been brought by Russian radio channels including a state-owned Channel One, REN TV, TNT Comedy, Dozhd, CTC, Nostalgia and Domashniy.

They credit U.S. distributors including Infomir, Panorama TV, Goodzone TV, Matvil Corporation, Actava TV and Master Call Communications of illegally streaming their calm in a U.S. and regulating their trademarks, Kommersant reported.

The lawsuit was purebred by a justice on Feb. 16.

According to a plaintiffs, U.S. distributors intercepted a broadcasters’ satellite signals in defilement of a law and distributed a calm in a U.S. for a monthly fee.

The plaintiffs guess a indemnification caused by a U.S. distributors during some-more than $75,000.

The stream robbery lawsuit is expected to be followed by others, pronounced Alexei Efimov, CEO of one of Channel One’s subsidiaries.

“We have detected some-more than 100 operators that take the calm and force people to compensate income for it,” Efimov was quoted as observant by Kommersant.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/561042.html