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Russia’s Dagestan Launches Anti-Terrorist Raids After Car Bombing

Counter-terrorism operations have been launched in 3 regions of Russia’s North Caucasus commonwealth of Dagestan following a lethal automobile bombing on Monday, a Interfax news organisation reported, citing a press use of a republic’s operation headquarters.

Anti-terrorism raids are being carried out in Dagestan’s Hivsky, Tabasaransky and Suleiman-Stalsky regions, a press use of a National Anti-Terrorism Committee’s domicile said, Interfax reported.

On Wednesday, dual fighters have been killed after they non-stop glow on military during a raid, a news organisation reported.

A automobile explosve exploded nearby a trade military post in Dagestan’s Derbent segment on Monday morning, murdering dual policemen and injuring another 17 people, Interfax reported.

The blast was a deadliest conflict in a southern commonwealth given 2013, Reuters reported.

The blast was caused by a self-murder bomber, a 23-year-old former tyro of an Astrakhan university, Interfax reported, citing an unclear source in Dagestan’s law coercion agencies. Earlier, a news organisation had reported that a organizer of a conflict common a beliefs of Islamic State — a militant organisation criminialized in Russia.

Islamic State has claimed shortcoming for a attack, Reuters reported.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/559854.html