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Sam Ukwuachu condemned to 180 days in jail, 10 years of probation

A Texas decider condemned Sam Ukwuachu to 180 days in county jail following his self-assurance this week for passionate assault.

Texas 54th District Court Judge Matt Johnson also gave Ukwuachu 10 years of transgression hearing and 400 hours of village service. Ukwuachu will have to register as a sex offender. He was taken to jail after justice shelved to start his sentence.

A jury had endorsed hearing after it found Ukwuachu, 22, guilty of one count of passionate attack for an Oct 2013 occurrence in Waco, Texas, involving a womanlike Baylor soccer player.

Ukwuachu’s profession Jonathan Sibley pronounced he deliberate a judgment a feat for his client.

“I consider this shows who Sam is as a person,” Sibley said. “We positively were gratified that a jury chose to place him on probation.”

Ukwuachu eliminated to Baylor after being discharged by Boise State manager Chris Petersen in 2013. Ukwuachu’s former partner testified during a hearing that he had struck and choked her when he attended Boise State.

Baylor football manager Art Briles pronounced he not done wakeful of Ukwuachu’s aroused past by Petersen when usurpation a transfer, yet Petersen pronounced Friday that he had sensitive Briles about since Ukwuachu was discharged from a Broncos.

Ukwuachu never played for Baylor. He was incompetent in 2013 since of NCAA send manners and dangling in 2014, yet Baylor never gave a reason for a suspension.

Baylor pronounced it will control an examination into a doing of passionate attack allegations by a propagandize opposite Ukwuachu.

School boss Ken Starr called for a “comprehensive inner exploration into a resources compared with a box and a control of a offices involved.” The examination will be led by law highbrow Jeremy Counseller, who is a expertise jaunty deputy to a Big 12 and NCAA and former partner rapist district attorney.

Sibley pronounced Ukwuachu maintains his ignorance notwithstanding a conviction.

“He says he did not do this,” Sibley said. “He’s confirmed that via a trial. We still say that. He has a right to interest and protest to a aloft court, and we’re positively going to demeanour during those options.”

Ukwuachu had faced adult to 20 years in prison.

ESPN’s Max Olson and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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