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SATA to IDE 100/133 HDD CD DVD Adapter Card

If you are looking for a good quality of Adapter Card, you have come to the right place!Well made of high quality of material, this kind of Computer Adapter Card can be used for quite a long time! This kind of SATA to IDE Card supports large capacity storage. With all kinds of machine use, this kind of SATA to IDE Card is convenient to install. It also supports hot plug, plug and play. The transmission rate of this Computer Adapter Card is up to 1.5GB / S. It is fit for the standard ATAPI, ATA / 133, ATA / 100, ATA / 66, ATA / 33.EIDE. This is a bidirectional converter, suitable for series and parallel ATA. The SATA to IDE Card features two-way transmission function: SATA hardware driver to IDE converter, or IDE drive to the host SATA converter. It is really a important part for you! So what are you still waiting for? Buy the Computer Adapter Card right now!Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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