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Saving Malaysia, again

On May 9, Malaysians did not win a war. We won one battle. we now call on us all to mix a strengths and, once again, save Malaysia by fighting a disinformation on amicable media and in mosques.

I am essay this essay usually 3 months bashful of a anniversary of May 9 – a second Independence Day of a people. The Pakatan Harapan (PH) supervision is in risk of fall come GE15, maybe even sooner. we envision that a Semenyih by-election will foster antithesis parties, with their secular and eremite rhetoric.

PH is losing a conflict for a Malay mindset on amicable media. We have non-Malays who are disenfranchised with PH for not fulfilling a declaration due to a mollycoddling of a Malay sentiment. At a same time, PAS and Umno are gaining belligerent with their “DAP menjatuhkan Islam dan Melayu” mantra and their pronounce of “the Christianisation of Malaysia by DAP”. PAS and Umno are helped, maybe unconsciously, by a state’s eremite sermons that have either intentionally or not, contributed to a dismantling of ideas and ideals in Malaysia.

The bridgehead has shifted from radio and progressing forms of media. It is now on amicable media: Facebook and, many dangerous of all, WhatsApp. These dual media forms are inadvertently helped by a ceramahs and sermons during mosques and suraus opposite a nation. To opposite this assault, PH contingency act now, with a assistance of a people.

PH ministers contingency play hardball. we know their reluctance, though we cruise a republic to be in a predicament mode. Ministers might be happily pushing their limousines, though we have review a essay on a wall after 4 by-elections, a demonstrations opposite ICERD, and a ruckus over a Seafield church issue.

Maszlee Malik and Mujahid Yusof Rawa, who are in assign of over 15,000 ustaz or eremite teachers or officers during schools and a Malaysian Islamic Development Department as good as open universities, contingency use these people to widespread a Rahmatan–lil-alamin judgment of Islam after they have undergone a march on a theme of civilisational interaction. This will assistance a ustaz know and conclude a several faiths by talks, exams, studies as good as visits and amicable communication with people of all faiths in this country. These eremite teachers, academics and scholars contingency be means to pronounce on a genuine Islam – a Islam that can exist within a context of democracy, nation-building and concept spirituality.

Ministries contingency also work tough to opposite all feign information with a truth, presented in an enchanting matter so as to convince some-more people. Just appearing on Astro Awani won’t cut it. During a Reformasi era, Malays like me incited off a radio for 20 years. Now Malays in Umno and PAS do a same. Umno no longer carries a 1MDB container of former primary apportion Najib Razak. Najib and former emissary primary apportion Ahmad Zahid Hamidi are out. The Umno that is left is “clean”. So Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng harping on 1MDB no longer reason any H2O for a Malays. PH contingency come adult with a new account of how Malays can be improved off economically, socially and spiritually with this government.

And what are a military doing about all a feign news, damning videos and factious letters being upheld along on WhatsApp? All we have seen so distant is a military quickly throwing a bad male who pronounced something not good about them. He was slapped with a vicious six-month jail term. Some people done comments about a new abdication of a aristocrat and, again, there was a fast response from a police. What are a military doing with all a WhatsApp messages that could derail a country’s amicable and eremite harmony? Writing a book? And what about a politician’s thought that usually Muslims be inaugurated as MPs? Is that not opposite a constitution? He might consider it is religiously correct, according to his interpretation of Islam, though this perspective is in approach counterbalance to a constitution. Why is this male still creation speeches?

Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin contingency step adult his diversion or else give a post to someone else. He does not even know either a G25 book “Breaking Silence” is factious or not. If a book is deliberate seditious, we suggest that all open universities be sealed down since each new thought is indispensably “seditious and disrupts society”. If a book is seditious, afterwards since are a authors and a author of a foreword not in custody?

Society is not ostensible to be low and graze like cows. The tellurian suggestion is indispensably rebel opposite amicable norms in sequence to rise a ladder of devout and egghead enlightenment. What is a need for a home method if it can't tell between a good egghead book and finish trash?

I call on my brethren, a Malaysians who adore a thought and ideals of Malaysia, to do conflict for a country. We contingency rope together and assistance a PH supervision save Malaysia – for us. Not for Anwar Ibrahim, not for Mahathir, not for Mohamed Azmin Ali. For us and for a children.

We contingency news any feign news or disinformation to a applicable authorities. We contingency also news a friends, a kin and a colleagues whom we know are committing acts that could criticise a constitution. we did that opposite one of my closest kin and now he does not widespread any news whatsoever. we took a required risk of undermining my family ties, and we do not bewail it. we did it since firstly, as a Muslim, a swelling of feign news is a good sin. Secondly, my relations could be charged with mutiny if held by a police. Thirdly, we did it to save Malaysia for all of my brethren – a Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Eurasians, Kadazandusuns and others. we might remove some Malay friends, kin and colleagues though a cost is tiny compared to losing a ideas and ideals of a forefathers who shaped a structure of Malaysia.

On May 9, we did not win a war. We merely won a battle. We gained a foothold in a fight to win Malaysia, though there are many some-more to go before a ideas and ideals of Malaysia see a light of day. Let a suggestion of May 9 beam a trail to victory. Negara kita, tanggungjawab kita.

The views voiced are those of a author and do not indispensably simulate those of FMT.

Article source: https://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/opinion/2019/02/02/saving-malaysia-again/