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Scenes of Horror & Heroism: 1 Year Later, How Survivors and Victims’ Loved Ones Described Vegas Massacre

Exactly one year ago, some-more than 22,000 people collected in an open area in Las Vegas for a third and final day of a Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Country star Jason Aldean was behaving a night’s final set and, only after 10 p.m., had begun singing “When She Says Baby” when a initial shots rang out — a start of what would turn a deadliest in complicated America’s widespread of mass shootings.

The accost of bullets lasted for some-more than 10 minutes, killing 58 people and injuring some-more than 700 others in a chaos.

The gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, dismissed during a throng from dual blown-out windows in his room on a 32nd building of a Mandalay Bay casino. Later, with law coercion shutting in on him, Paddock fatally shot himself.

In a days following a shooting, PEOPLE spoke with those who were there. They common stories of unthinkable fear and unusual heroism.

Mark Gray, 37, PEOPLE contributor, Las Vegas

Pop, pop, pop. It sounded like a firecracker…. The shots only went on forever. It was relentless. You hear a pops and windows shattering. It’s tough to know what to consider or do. We kind of satisfied during a same time, “We’ve got to get out of here.” Someone said, “Go! Go now!” And we ran.

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Shaun Hoff, 32, casting director, Los Angeles

My mother and we were right in front of a theatre when someone started screaming, and we only strike a ground. There was a postponement in a shooting, and we started running. We were only using by all of these bodies. No one had any suspicion this male was in a hotel since it sounded like a sharpened was removing closer and closer.

Clay Wilson, 48, and mother Kelli, 46, small-business owners, Lubbock, Texas

People started dropping, only dropping. We were all terrified. … [Kelli] called a children to say, ‘We adore you, and we don’t know if we will make it out.’ Our children were on a phone and they could hear a gunshots.

Rob Handley, 34, medical-device salesman, Las Vegas

It was like we were in a fight movie. You could hear a gunfire, afterwards hear a bullets slamming down all around us and violation detached into shrapnel that was drifting everywhere. We were laying in puddles of blood, and my girlfriend’s crony was lonesome in blood. We suspicion she’d been hit, afterwards we satisfied that a blood was entrance from above us. It was literally seeping down on us from a bleachers above. The people adult on a bleachers had been so shot up, that blood was seeping everywhere.

Keith Gale, 50, manager for nation star Jake Owen, Nashville

I have no anxiety for war, though it certain felt like a battlefield. Just a consistent pop, pop, pop. We crouched behind a trailer nearby a stage, and it was constant, solid firing. People didn’t raid any other, and we were in a battle, with no suspicion where this chairman was, though people were boosting any other over fences, assisting a wounded. Men tore their shirts off to use them to block wounds.

Karen Gale, 44, publicist, Nashville

I will never forget a sound of that gunfire. There were mislaid boots all over a ground, women being carried by boyfriends. If anything, we schooled there is still amiability in this world. we saw it final night.

Lindsay Padgett, 29, entertainer, Las Vegas

We didn’t hear gunshots for a small bit, so we were like, “All right, let’s go.” We got to my truck, and we only see all these people all over a highway and this male says, “We need your truck,” and we said, “Put them all in.” There were 4 people in my behind chair and 4 some-more [who were] shot [lying] in a bed of a truck. People had fingers in their wounds. One male died; he had been shot in his back. We were perplexing to get to a nearest hospital, and a roads were blocked off. We finally got to a turnpike and a ambulance there stopped us.

Brian Rogers, 53, village ambulance co-owner and paramedic, Las Vegas

I was home in bed. My daughter was during a event, and she called me and said, “I’m being shot at. What do we do?” She called around 10:05. Then we couldn’t get a reason of her. As I’m pushing there, I’m coordinating with my personnel. We sent 26 ambulances. we don’t even have difference to report what it was like. It was roughly out of one of those shows like The Walking Dead.

Brad Sugars, 46, business coach, Las Vegas

I stayed with a military and handed out first-aid kits. Batteries were dying. People were assisting people. A lady was jacket a guy’s ride and another chairman was bandaging a bleeding leg. Everyone was perplexing to help—off-duty cops, SWAT [teams]. we saw military using towards a bodies. God magnify them.

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Heather Gooze, 43, bartender, Las Vegas

To shun a shots, many people raced toward a bar where Gooze was working. After assisting one male who had been shot in a head, she sat with deadly plant Jordan Mclldoon after 3 group perplexing to assistance him brought him over on a upkeep ladder.

I hold his hand. His fingers were wrapped around mine. Jordan’s dungeon phone rang. We answered, and his crony Conor gave us Jordan’s name. His phone was sealed though Facebook Messages kept entrance in, so we went on Facebook and found him, sent messages to everybody who had a same final name. After we found his family, we betrothed them we wouldn’t leave him. we was with him when he took his final breath. Something inside me wouldn’t let me leave. Everyone who survived was fundamentally only an in. or a feet divided from being someone who died.

Dean Weber, 31, paramedic, Las Vegas

Once he was authorised into a venue, Weber found a unfortunate stage of bleeding who had been tagged according to their injuries—from immature (minor) to yellow (non-life-threatening) to red (life-threatening) to black (dying).

We had to take a red-tagged patients first, though it’s not always easy. One lady grabbed during my ankle and we sealed eyes. All she could contend was, “Please.” She had tears all over her face. But she was tagged in yellow and there were people in red. So we had to say, “I’m so sorry. Someone will be behind for we soon.” There was a male tagged in yellow who said, “I have a new baby. Please save me.” You have to know that yellow tags can turn red unequivocally fast. They’re all losing blood, they’re in pain and going into shock. We went behind again and again, maybe 15 times. We were only perplexing to save as many lives as we could. The night was endless. When it was over, we only hugged my partner and cried. It’s a misfortune thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life, and we wish that no one ever has to go by it again. It was pristine hell.

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