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Seahawks’ Pete Carroll is gaining belligerent on spook he’s chasing

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. — Pete Carroll swore he was not meditative about Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday night, we know, a one he handed to a New England Patriots as certain as Roger Goodell handed them a Vince Lombardi Trophy. He pronounced he was not rewinding a past, usually vital for a moment, all that blah, blah, blah.

And afterwards a 65-year-old manager of a Seattle Seahawks left his postgame microphone inside Gillette Stadium and skipped toward his locker room hollering and whooping in a liberating way, betraying a difference oral to a roomful of reporters. Sometimes Carroll acts this approach as a NFL’s answer to a late, good Dick Clark — a world’s oldest teenager. But this was different. Carroll wanted this one badly, even if it’s partial of his pursuit outline to never, ever acknowledge it.

Healthy Russell Wilson leads Seahawks past Patriots

It’s time to trust that Russell Wilson is behind as he and a Seahawks incited in their best opening of a deteriorate in defeating a Patriots.

  • Patriots’€™ D had possibility to make a symbol though didn’t broach vs. Seahawks

    Defense wasn’t a usually reason a Patriots were dealt a singular home reversal in a detriment to a Seahawks, though something is noticeably off with a unit.

  • The NBC cameras held him behaving out on a sidelines, and these regular-season scenes in Nov reminded me of a regular-season NBA night in Jan in 1995, when Pat Riley, manager of a Knicks, downplayed his initial diversion in Houston given his group blew a 3-2 Finals lead there a prior June. To punctuate a essential finished basket in that Knicks feat in January, Riley let out a primal roar a likes we hadn’t listened from him before or since. This was a sound of a manager who had authorised his guard, John Starks, to fire 2 for 18 in Game 7 a prior Jun and had been carrying a tough time forgiving himself for it.

    Two years ago in a Arizona desert, Carroll finished a many bigger mistake on a idea line. He indispensable to give a round to Marshawn Lynch in a shutting seconds to win his second true Super Bowl title, and instead he systematic his quarterback, Russell Wilson, to chuck a point pass to Ricardo Lockette. Lynch had run for 1,306 yards and 13 touchdowns that season, and Wilson had run for 849 yards and 6 touchdowns. Pressured by Belichick’s overwhelming preference to let a time drain divided changed seconds, Carroll motionless he wanted to get a round to Lockette, who managed 11 catches all year. An undrafted New England rookie out of West Alabama named Malcolm Butler flog a receiver to it.

    “There’s unequivocally nobody to censure though me,” Carroll pronounced that night.

    He has had to live with it ever since, usually like Riley had to live with withdrawal in Starks in ’94, and Grady Little had to live with withdrawal in Pedro Martinez in 2003. Carroll has finished a good pursuit of it, during slightest publicly. It certain seems he has taken a strike like a man.

    Only this lapse compare with a Patriots was a smashing event to vent, to flex his substantial coaching muscles, and to let lax a roar or 3 from his toes. Pete Carroll wasn’t usually a manager who finished a misfortune call in Super Bowl story to present hang Bill Belichick his fourth championship ring. He was also a manager dismissed by Robert Kraft after a 1999 deteriorate so Kraft could take Belichick from a Jets.

    In a leadup to this game, we could hear a harm in Carroll’s voice. He pronounced he’d designed on carrying control in New England though that “it didn’t unequivocally work out that way, a approach we hoped, until we went behind to USC and when we got a possibility to be in assign again.” He forked out that he was a pound strike during USC — solely with NCAA investigators — when he had a energy over his module that Kraft didn’t give him in Foxborough. He forked out that Kraft did give Belichick “the possibility to take that thing over and run it and do it accurately a approach a football man sees it, and a rest has been a good story and a good success story.”

    So Carroll had so many invested in his initial diversion behind given Kraft dismissed him all those years ago. It was a smashing back-and-forth football game, too, not distinct a epic Super Bowl confront between these dual teams. Tom Brady non-stop with a nine-play, 75-yard touchdown expostulate that culminated in a initial LeGarrette Blount‘s 3 scores, and a Seahawks started to work a problem from there.

    Wilson finished adult outplaying his mythological counterpart, throwing 3 touchdown passes to Brady’s none, though a night came down to — what else? — a controversial preference by Carroll and a goal-line stand. First, a controversial call. After his group took a 31-24 lead on a pleasing Wilson chuck to Doug Baldwin with 4 mins and change to play, Carroll motionless to try a two-point acclimatisation rather than a safer flog that would’ve forced a Patriots to measure 8 points to tie.

    “Why would they go for dual here?” Belichick was held seeking into his headset.

    “We wanted to see if we could put it out of reach,” Carroll explained, “and make it a two-score deal.” It was an nonessential gamble, and one that predictably failed. New England gathering a round down a margin and to a Seattle 1 with usually seconds to play. Everyone in a building had a flashback. Some 2,700 miles from University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, a Patriots and a Seahawks and Belichick and Carroll would conflict again over a really tiny square of genuine estate.

    The many tangible Pats fan in a residence Sunday night, Mark Wahlberg, removed before a diversion that he was in Kraft’s apartment for a Super Bowl. He described a pell-mell endgame stage of confidence officials entering a apartment and scheming to chaperon a winning owners and family and friends down to a margin for a accession before Jermaine Kearse finished his absurd locate in a same building where David Tyree finished his to flog New England in Super Bowl XLII.

    “It was perfect devastation,” Wahlberg told ESPN.com as he was compelling Tuesday’s entrance of his USA Network show, “Shooter,” for that he serves as executive producer. “We saw [Kearse] bobble it and we suspicion he forsaken it and we were all cheering, and afterwards we saw a replay on a Jumbotron. … But we went from great tears of unhappiness to tears of fun after a Butler interception. It was one of a craziest rides I’ve ever been on.”

    Wahlberg says he keeps a design on his phone of Carroll operative a drive-thru window and reaching out to broach an sequence to a customer. “Should we usually palm this to you,” a derisive Internet heading reads, “or step behind 5 yards and chuck it for no reason.”

    The Patriots didn’t chuck it until fourth down, after Blount and Brady unsuccessful to tub it in. Brady threw a blur pass to Rob Gronkowski, who was tangled adult with Kam Chancellor, and a presiding central finished a good no-call. When it was over, Carroll pronounced a Patriots had worked on that really play with Chancellor and a high use patrol receiver, Marcus Lucas, in a week’s final practice. Just as Butler had worked on jumping a point before a Super Bowl.

    “It was a large impulse in practice,” Carroll pronounced of Chancellor’s feat over Lucas.

    It was a many bigger impulse in a game. Belichick gave a comfortable cuddle to Carroll on a field, and afterwards raved about Seattle’s module a approach he has finished in a past. Carroll called Brady and Belichick a best of all time, and spoke of how many a Patriots had going for them entering this game: their comparatively good health, a fact that they were entrance off a bye week, a fact that they weren’t roving opposite a country, a fact that they weren’t entrance off a brief week (Seattle played Monday night), and a fact that they never, ever remove during home.

    “It can’t get any improved than that,” Carroll said.

    In a winners locker room, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman fielded a doubt about a Super Bowl and motionless a identical finish in Gillette Stadium was “more mocking than anything.” He pronounced he suspicion a Seahawks competence see a Patriots again this season, in February. He pronounced that intensity rematch would do distant some-more for his coach’s bequest than Sunday night’s.

    “It’s not going to discharge a critique [of Carroll],” Sherman pronounced of a victory. “This diversion is not even tighten to a stress of a Super Bowl. we consider he gets that it’s a opposite year and he’s kind of changed past it as many as we can.”

    As distant as creation good on his misfortune night as an NFL coach, Pete Carroll still as a prolonged approach to go. But he did benefit belligerent Sunday night. He did collect adult a good 10 or 15 yards on a spook that will haunt him from here to his subsequent championship parade.

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