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Six Things We Learned From Pete Carroll On The Final Day Of Offseason Workouts

The Seahawks wrapped adult their imperative minicamp Thursday, that also meant a finish of what conduct manager Pete Carroll described as “a very, unequivocally good offseason.” With offseason workouts over, players now get 6 weeks off before stating to training stay in late July, a time Carroll records will be critical for players so that they come behind in figure and prepared for camp.

“I’m unequivocally dismissed adult about all that’s going on,” Carroll said. “I’m endangered about a 6 weeks entrance up, that a guys do a unequivocally good pursuit holding caring of themselves, entrance behind stronger and faster. They’re in good figure right now, we would be prepared to go into stay and we’d be in good shape. This is a concern—I consider all a coaches are substantially endangered around a league—what happens during these 6 weeks, nonetheless a guys are going to contest to do a good pursuit and take caring of it, with unequivocally good care they’ll lift that off. Then we’ll come behind and let it rip. A lot of opportunity, a lot of rival spots here, that is accurately how we like it. You can tell a players feel it, we can clarity it from them. We did learn a lot too. we feel like we got a lot of information from a guys. The coordinators did a good pursuit of putting guys in situations so we could see them and get a feel, so it’s not like we’ve got to start all over again in stay and figure who’s who. we consider we can collect adult from where we left off and see if we can swell some guys and emanate some roles, and give some guys to minister in their singular way. So we’ll see how that goes.”

Here are 6 things we schooled from Carroll following a final day of minicamp:

1. “The altogether energy” of a organisation is what jumped out to Carroll a many during offseason workouts.

Different players and position groups stood out via OTAs and minicamp, nonetheless from a big-picture standpoint, Carroll pronounced it was his team’s appetite level, and a coherence with that players brought that energy, that finished a biggest clarity on him over a past integrate of months.

“I consider it was a coherence and a opinion throughout,” Carroll said. “The bid was glorious and upbeat, positive, supportive, usurpation of one another, training new guys, a comparison guys finished it unequivocally gentle for a new guys to fit in, that usually facilitates a process. we consider we saw a advantage of that. That’s given we kind of feel like we have a good clarity for guys now. We’ve come utterly a ways in a brief time that we have. we consider it’s a altogether appetite that unequivocally stands out a most.”

2. Carroll wants to make certain his players lapse to stay in as good of figure as they’re in now.

While players will suffer some well-earned time off between now and training camp, what Carroll doesn’t wish his players to do is relax too much, not after saying so most good work out of them adult to this point.

“The pivotal is to stay unchanging by your workouts and don’t rest too long,” he said. “They don’t need a vacation right now; they need a small mangle from a pull we’ve been in right here, nonetheless like a guys common with a other guys, a few days and let’s get behind during it. It’s too critical that we stay on task. They’ve worked so tough to get where they are, we don’t wish to have go behind down conditioning correct afterwards work it behind up. They’ve usually invested too most during this point. So anticipating a unchanging quick and carrying a good devise and adhering with it and being intelligent about it.”

3. Carroll likes what he’s saying from a rookie class.

When Carroll walked off a margin following Thursday’s practice, he had a brief one-on-one review with rookie linebacker Shaquem Griffin. Later, Carroll suggested that a review was to courtesy a approach a fifth-round collect has progressed during his time with a team.

“I usually talked to him entrance off a field,” Carroll said. “What was unequivocally certain was how he finished a offseason. Moving behind to an inside (linebacker) mark for him was new and he had a lot to learn and a lot to collect up. Just in a routine of it, as a man who wants to do right and do things usually as they coaches are coaching him up, we didn’t see him unequivocally cut lax until a last, unequivocally in this camp, he unequivocally felt gentle and started drifting around and we could see how quick he is and a acceleration that he has. It’s unequivocally unique, it usually jumped off a film. we consider we’ll see it again in today’s practice, nonetheless a initial dual days were a change, that was unequivocally positive. we didn’t wish to see him be stoved adult too prolonged where couldn’t get gentle so he could start relocating and flying, and he did it. The same thing happened with (Barkevious) Mingo too, both of those guys showed that after being here a while, they indispensable to get comfortable, afterwards all of a remarkable we start to see a detonate and a speed that they move that has been partial of their makeup.”

And Griffin wasn’t a usually rookie to make a clever impression. Asked about a category as a whole, Carroll said, “Really there’s zero nonetheless plain things here. Rashaad (Penny) unequivocally was considerable throughout. He has picked adult a ton of stuff. (Running backs coach) Chad (Morton) was usually articulate about a pass insurance things that he looks so gentle with after a time he has been here. That was something that was new for him and a perfectionist partial of a game. We don’t have any perplexity that he’s going to be glorious in that area. He’s a unequivocally good lane curtain and a good catcher, unequivocally smooth, has glorious feet, he stayed in good figure via all of a time that we had him, he reported good in shape, he didn’t have go behind and forth. He came in about 230 and kind of confirmed that weight throughout. Rasheem (Green) has been impressive. Then usually relocating right by a guys, it has been a good organisation so distant and we’re off and using with them. Will Dissly, what we wanted to see in him, we saw all we could see. He needs to be in pads given he’s a line of struggle man who can assistance us. He weighs 270-something personification parsimonious end, we’ve wanted to get large and clever there. He was a man we hoped to get, we got him and he looks a part. You go right by a class, that’s what it feel like. We talked about Shaquem. Michael Dickson did a good pursuit too kicking a ball, he’s going to be in a foe of it. I’m usually dismissed adult about a whole group.”

Later, when asked about Alex McGough, Carroll pronounced a quarterback, “has come a prolonged way. we don’t know if we beheld from a reps, nonetheless we threw him in and gave him a lot of turns to see where he could take it. He’s got a good arm, he runs well, he’s studying, he’s learning, it doesn’t seem too large for him during this turn of competition. We’re not into a personification games yet, we’ll have to wait and see—we’re not even into stay yet—but he’s finished a good pursuit with it so distant and fitting giving him additional shots. We know a lot about Austin (Davis) – Austin has finished a pleasing pursuit for us in a purpose that we’ve asked him to fill. We indispensable to see how distant we could take Alex. He threw a lot of good balls, finished a lot of good plays, finished some bonehead plays too and we could see that he’s got things he’s got to figure out. But when he knows what’s going on and he’s got a good clarity for what a plays are and where people are going, he’s been flattering assertive. He’s finished a good job.”

4. Carroll is vehement about a dual defensive tackles Seattle combined in giveaway agency.

The Seahawks mislaid starting defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson to a Minnesota Vikings in giveaway organisation this offseason, nonetheless they combined a span of tackles to assistance fill that void, Minnesota’s Tom Johnson and Shamar Stephen. While Stephen has been incompetent to use while recuperating from a knee injury, he has still finished a clever clarity on his coaches, as has Johnson, who has been on a field.

“Shamar has finished an clarity about his work ethic, even nonetheless he’s not on a field,” Carroll said. “How he studies, a approach he communicates, a approach he’s helped younger guys learn and grow, he’s in on everything, he’s not distanced himself during all even nonetheless he hasn’t been means to get on a field. So he’s finished unequivocally good initial impressions. Tom has been right in a center of all and we wish we would have found him years ago. He’s a good competitor, he’s got a tough mentality, he cares tremendously, he’s a good worker, he’s accurately a kind of man we like carrying on a team. You guys competence not comprehend this nonetheless Tom and Shamar played a lot of football final year, on a unequivocally good defense, on a unequivocally good defensive line, with a unequivocally good package of things that they do and we usually kind of got those guys to come over here. I’m unequivocally assured in what those guys are bringing. we complicated a heck out of it. I’ve seen all that they’ve finished a past integrate years and we know what we’re getting. This worked out unequivocally unequivocally good for us. I’m concerned about those guys. And of march we haven’t seen Shamar nonetheless Shamar’s going to be large and play large like we like from those guys inside. If all comes behind as we expect, he’ll have a large purpose for us. It’s good for a depth.”

5. The foe is on during kicker and punter.

The Seahawks finished a integrate of poignant additions on special teams this offseason, signing maestro kicker Sebastian Janikowski, a former Pro-Bowler, and trade adult in a fifth-round to name punter Michael Dickson. But usually given a Seahawks sealed a large name and kicker and finished a flattering poignant investment in terms of breeze collateral on a punter, that doesn’t meant those positions are settled. Jason Myers, who sealed progressing in a offseason, has shown a large leg during stay and looks like a actor who will pull Janikowski for a job, and Ryan, a usually actor on a register who predates Carroll and ubiquitous manager John Schneider in Seattle, is unequivocally most in row to keep a pursuit he has hold given 2008.

“It’s going to be genuine competitive,” Carroll said. “Seabass (Sebastian Janikowski) missed a integrate of days usually removing by entrance back, and in that it gave Jason (Myers) a possibility to get some additional kicks in there, so that was good for him. But when they’re out here battling, they’re in it. And a punters too now, they’re battling each event that we go. It has been competitive, we’ve been gripping measure and gripping lane of all so that we have unequivocally good info to figure it out in time. We don’t have to precipitate to make these decisions during all. We’re sanctified to have genuine knowledge during both spots, so we’ll see how a immature guys do and see if they can make a run during it.”

One underrated partial of Ryan’s diversion that could be rather of a cause in a punter foe is his ability as a holder. Dickson has singular knowledge during that partial of a job, while Ryan has a prolonged story during that subtly critical special teams role.

“Jon’s good during (holding), so he has a genuine leg adult on him in that regard,” Carroll noted.

6. The Seahawks should be flattering healthy by training camp.

A series of players have missed or been singular in offseason workouts as they redeem from injuries and/or offseason surgeries, a organisation that includes Stephen, defensive finish Dion Jordan, reserve Maurice Alexander, receiver Brandon Marshall and descent tackle George Fant. While not everybody will be a full-go from Day 1 of camp, Carroll does design to have scarcely everybody on a margin when training stay begins.

“We envision that everybody will be starting stay with us, maybe on opposite levels of activity, nonetheless we consider everybody’s going to be behind and prepared to go,” Carroll said. “It looks like that. Mo Alexander is an engaging child for us to see – we haven’t seen anything from him nonetheless on a margin so that’ll be one of a guys. Of march George is a large understanding too to see him get behind out there. Brandon will be important. It looks like everybody should have a possibility to be healthy. We’re counting on that, and afterwards we might be singular as we enter a activity turn for those guys… Dion is on report for that as well.”

Asked privately about Marshall, a six-time Pro-Bowler Seattle sealed recently, Carroll said, “We’re usually creation certain that we don’t have a reversal on a hamstring that’s recovering. We talked about it currently – he’s got a plain 6 weeks, he’ll be well. We need to do a unequivocally good pursuit as we re-introduce him behind into a dash and speed and all that, that we don’t overdo it early in a fad to see what he can do and all. He brings a genuine savvy and knowledge that we’re concerned to see how it fits. It’s going to be another man in a foe that brings some aberration to us. Very big-statured kid, opposite than some of a other guys. He’s like Tanner (McEvoy). So we’ll see how that fits.”

Carroll pronounced Kam Chancellor is still available serve tests on his neck damage to establish his future. On 2017 second-round collect Malik McDowell, Carroll said, “I don’t have any information for you.”Six Things We Learned From Pete Carroll On The Final Day Of Offseason Workouts

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