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Smith’s will no longer accept Visa credit cards

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho — Smith’s Food Drug Stores announced Friday it will stop usurpation Visa credit cards commencement subsequent month.

In a news release, the grocery sequence said extreme fees that Visa and a arising banks assign are forcing retailers to lift prices. The association says Visa’s fees are a top of any credit label supposed in Smith’s.

“Visa has been misusing a position and charging retailers extreme fees for a prolonged time,” pronounced Mike Schlotman, Kroger’s executive clamp boss and CFO. “They disguise from business what Visa and a banks assign retailers to accept Visa credit cards. Visa’s extreme fees and bias can't continue to go unchecked.”

The change goes into outcome Apr 3. Smith’s will continue to accept Visa withdraw cards, along with Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

In a matter about a change, a orator for Visa pronounced when consumer choice is limited, nobody wins.

“The Visa network delivers poignant value for merchants,” orator Will Stickney said. “Kroger enjoys all of these benefits, and there is a cost for these services, like any other. It is astray and unsatisfactory that Kroger is putting shoppers in a center of a business dispute. We have put brazen a series of solutions to concede a cardholders to continue regulating their elite Visa credit cards but Kroger-imposed restrictions, and we continue to work toward a resolution.”

Smith’s is a multiplication of The Kroger Co. and is a second store in a company, behind Foods Co. Supermarkets in California, to stop usurpation Visa credit cards. Fred Meyer is also owned by Kroger and will continue to accept a cards.

Smith’s operates 4 stores in Idaho, Montana and Arizona; along with 55 stores in Utah, 45 stores in Nevada, 23 stores in New Mexico, and 7 stores in Wyoming.


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