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Speaking now, Francis tackles immigration, abortion

Washington (CNN)Pope Francis urged a United States not to spin a behind on undocumented immigrants, to reject a victimization of eremite and secular minorities, and to save a universe from meridian change, citing Scripture and a nation’s initial ideals in a ancestral chateau to Congress Thursday.

Francis, who will after barter a corridors of energy for a common lunch with homeless people, also asked lawmakers to salary a consistent conflict opposite misery and to safeguard a resources of a universe is honestly common and used to emanate jobs, according to prepared remarks.

Francis, who is on a six-day U.S. revisit and is a first-ever pontiff to chateau a corner assembly of Congress, was watched not usually by a packaged cover of lawmakers though also thousands of people who collected outward a Capitol to follow a discuss on large screens erected on a National Mall.

The Pope did not repremand lawmakers, as his tough difference on domestic topics during a White House Wednesday suggested he might. Instead, vocalization in English rather than his local Spanish, delivering a discuss that evoked a oration or even a pep talk.

But he regularly couched a many politically divisive issues in U.S. open life in a context of a lessons of a Bible and a instance of American heroes, including Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, to inspire his assembly to live adult to a country’s tip ideals.

Pope Francis in a United StatesPope Francis addresses a corner assembly of a U.S. Congress on Thursday, Sep 24. Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner lay behind him in a House chamber. During a Popes six-day stay in a United States, he will also revisit New York and Philadelphia.Francis is a initial Pope to chateau a corner assembly of Congress.Large crowds watch Pope Francis chateau on monitors outward a Capitol.Members of Congress hail Francis as he arrives to pronounce in a House chamber.Boehner, a House speaker, welcomes Pope Francis before his discuss to Congress.Pope Francis canonizes Spanish companion Junipero Serra during a Mass on Wednesday, Sep 23, in Washington.The Pope celebrates Mass during a National Shrine of a Immaculate Conception in Washington on Sep 23.Nuns wait for Pope Francis to arrive inside a Basilica of a National Shrine of a Immaculate Conception.Pope Francis greets crowds during his march in Washington on Sep 23. Pope Francis reaches out to magnify a child during a march in Washington.President Barack Obama hosts a Pope in a Oval Office of a White House on Sep 23.Obama, a Pope and initial lady Michelle Obama hail a throng during an attainment rite on a South Lawn of a White House on Sep 23.Pope Francis addresses guest on a South Lawn of a White House.Pope Francis greets schoolchildren during a Apostolic Nunciature, a Vaticans tactful goal in Washington, on Sep 23.People call U.S. and Vatican flags as they wait for a Popes attainment during a White House on Sep 23.Vice President Joe Biden chats with preaching before Francis arrives during a White House.Early on Sep 23, people accumulate along Pope Francis march track in Washington.Pope Francis departs from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland shortly after his moody landed on Tuesday, Sep 22.Pope Francis waves from his automobile during Andrews Air Force Base.People hearten for Pope Francis during a Air Force base.Pope Francis is escorted by a Obamas and their daughters after nearing in a country.Clergy members prop for a breeze as they mount on a tarmac during Andrews Air Force Base.The Pope waves during Obama and his family.Nuns poise for a selfie with a Pope Francis cutout during a discussion in Philadelphia on Sep 22.A design of Pope Francis was embellished on a side of a building in New York City.Workers in Philadelphia build a theatre Thursday, Sep 17, forward of Pope Francis scheduled visit.07 pope francis 092408 pope francis 092409 pope francis 092410 pope francis 0924RESTRICTED 03 pope francis 092404 pope mass 092305 pope mass 092301 pope francis 092417 pope francis 092318 pope francis 092313 pope francis 092312 pope francis 092309 pope francis 092305 pope francis 092306 pope francis 092307 pope francis 0923RESTRICTED 08 pope francis 092312 pope francis usa 092212 pope francis usa 092213 pope francis usa 092209 pope francis usa 092211 pope francis usa 092210 pope francis usa 092204 pope francis usa 092201 pope francis USA 092202 pope francis 0922

While he referred to normal Catholic priorities like antithesis to same-sex matrimony and termination in passing, he argued that a true also had a avocation to be intent on other politically argumentative amicable issues, like hostile a genocide chastisement and forging a some-more estimable multitude to advantage those “trapped in a cycle of poverty.”