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Stephen Curry’s Message to Backup Quinn Cook: ‘You Better Not Hesitate’

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It’s unfit to fill a boots of a two-time MVP. Especially one who is a entire system of his team.

But with Stephen Curry potentially out by a first round of a NBA playoffs, Quinn Cook will have to lead a bum Golden State Warriors in his absence. 

For Cook, who has played 24 games with a Warriors this season, it’s all about anticipating a certainty to play his game. That’s accurately what a Warriors need from him during their weird damage pileup.

“That’s a biggest thing for me is a coaches, all a vets are revelation me to do that,” Cook pronounced of carrying a certainty to play his style. “When it’s your initial year on a group and you’ve had some struggles during times, certain guys, certain coaches [would be like], ‘Maybe he can’t do it during this level’ or would tell me to pass a turn a small bit more.”

Cook doesn’t need that. When a rest of a starting lineup is comprised of Nick Young, Patrick McCaw, JaVale McGee and Kevon Looneyas it was during Sunday’s blowout detriment to a Utah Jazzhe needs to be a offense. He’s finished usually that recently, as he’s averaged 20.6 points, 5.2 assists and 5.0 rebounds over a Warriors’ last 5 games.

“I’m revelation you, Steve [Kerr], each actor on my team: Dot [Livingston], Kevin [Durant], Steph [Curry], Draymond [Green], all of them were revelation me to keep shooting. If we hesitate, they would get insane during you. So a fact that they kept their certainty in me has unequivocally been a reason I’ve been means to have some high-scoring games. It’s since they unequivocally believed in my ability.”

This isn’t usually stat-stuffing, daily anticipation numbers. The Warriors still need Cook to be a writer when Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green return. And so prolonged as Curry stays sidelined, Cook could be a difference-maker in a initial turn of a playoffs, too.

To keep producing a approach a Warriors need him to, Cook has to keep his certainty up. That’s a group bid in and of itself.

“I remember Steph revelation me, ‘I don’t caring if we go 0-of-25. That 26th shot, we improved not hesitate.’ To hear that from a man like that, it does a lot for your confidence. It unequivocally shows we we can stop putting vigour on myself and unequivocally play my game.”

“He texted me that during halftime in a Phoenix game, and he texted me after a game, so we picked his mind a small bit.”

Cook has indispensable all of a certainty boosters he could get. After all, his tour to a Warriors was tumultuous, to contend a least.

Since he assimilated a NBA in 2015, Cook sealed 7 deals with 4 teams before to his attainment in Golden State. After a four-year career during Duke, Cook sealed with a Cavaliers in Sep 2015, usually to be waived a month later.

He afterwards sealed with a Pelicans in Sep 2016, though he was again waived a month later. In late Feb 2017, a Mavericks inked him to a 10-day deal. He afterwards sealed back-to-back 10-day contracts with a Pelicans before they finally sealed him to a two-year, $1.32 million deal. However, they waived him three-and-a-half months later.

“When we don’t know where you’re going to be tomorrow or a subsequent week, that’s tough. So when we would come adult here [from Santa Cruz], we would play not to disaster up, play not to step on anybody’s toes. Guys need me to be who we am. we consider a Warriors sealed me since they know we can do a certain thing, and when I’m not that, I’m not a same player.”

Ahead of a 2017-18 season, he spent a month with a Hawks before he sealed a two-way understanding with a Warriors.

“Any time we play in a NBA, in practice, we get to travel, that’s a dream for me,” Cook told Bleacher Report. “Scoring 0 points or measure a lot, to be means to play in a NBA is a dream for me.”

Cook was no foreigner to success before to his attainment in Golden State. After winning a inhabitant championship in college, Cook was a 2015-16 D-League Rookie of a Year. He’s a two-time D-League All-Star and was a 2017 D-League All-Star Game MVP. He averaged 25.3 points, 8.1 assists and 4.6 rebounds with a Santa Cruz Warriors this season, sharpened 52.7 percent from a field, 43.9 from over a arc and 94.9 during a line. He usually indispensable to get a right mentality. 

Cook has eliminated that success to a NBA as of late. His prohibited sharpened hold competence fade, though he’s shown a ability to measure in a accumulation of ways. If he keeps doing so, he could assistance pitch a diversion or dual in a playoffs down a line.

He’s been drilling all from deep, including pull-up three-pointers regulating high pick-and-rolls a la Curry.

He’s also able of removing to a second level, removing his defender on his hip and dribbling into mid-rangers:

The Warriors need Cook to keep doing his best Curry sense relocating forward.

“He’s finally comfortable,” Kerr explained. “It’s ideally normal for him, a initial few games but Steph, to defer. We kept revelation him, ‘Go get 20, go get 25. We need that.’ You demeanour during a register but a guys we have, he should be a heading scorer. That’s what he does. we consider he got gentle after a few games, and now he’s usually playing. It’s fun to see.”

With a unchanging role, Cook has thrived. While a Warriors’ stars redeem from their particular injuries, Cook is building into a intensity writer on a championship contender.

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