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Stephen Hawking proposes new black hole theory



Physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking due in a statement, that humans could shun from black holes instead of removing stranded in them. 

Challenging progressing theories, Hawking pronounced that “if we feel we are in a black hole, don’t give up. There’s a approach out.”

Speaking during a discussion in Stockholm, Hawking pronounced that nonetheless travelers won’t be means to lapse to their possess star they competence shun to another universe.

The black hole is identified as a hole in space with a gravitational lift so clever that even light can't get out. However, Hawking suggests that there competence be a approach of removing into another universe.

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“The existence of choice histories with black holes suggests this competence be possible,” Hawking said, adding that “The hole would need to be vast and if it was rotating it competence have a thoroughfare to another universe. But we couldn’t come behind to a universe. So nonetheless I’m penetrating on space flight, I’m not going to try that.”

Physicists have unsettled themselves perplexing to figure out what happens to objects when they go over a eventuality setting where even light can’t get back.

Hawking’s speculation is an try to answer that question. Paradoxically, scientists have believed that information about a intent has to be stored notwithstanding a intent being swallowed up.

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Hawking suggests that a information is stored on a eventuality horizon, a boundary, implying that a information never creates it inside a black hole. “I introduce that a information is stored not in a interior of a black hole as one competence expect, though in a boundary, a eventuality horizon,” Hawking said.

This speculation could also meant that humans competence not indispensably disappear into a black hole if they tumble into one, instead, they competence sojourn on a corner in a form of a hologram or tumble out somewhere else.

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