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Stigall: No, Democrats. We Don’t Want Trump to Treat You As Obama Has

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Hillary Clinton voters, we know you’re scared.

I know you’re angry. we know you’re disappointed. we know we feel like we don’t know your republic anymore. But we need we to know something.

It’s how we felt when we helped elect Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012.

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Believe it or not, we suspicion he was flattering dangerous, too. we suspicion he hold some flattering radical points of view, too. Most of all, we dreaded what he had in mind for a country’s direction. And we know what? He succeeded in fomenting, presiding over, and implementing so most of what we feared.

My sister-in-law called dual days before a choosing ravaged her family of five’s private health word process jumped $500 a month.

I’ve watched cops protested and assassinated while American cities rile and burn. I’ve watched people tie adult trade and “occupy” streets and places of business.

I’ve seen a duck sandwich grill pounded since a owners supports normal matrimony and a drink association pounded since a owners supports a Republican candidate.

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Some of my favorite comedians have complained their comedy is no longer acquire on college campuses since what was once a punch line is now “dangerous speech.” My favorite entertainers advise since we don’t support their candidate, I’m somehow a racist, sexist, or a homophobe.

I’ve been told worse screening of certain groups tied to terrorism and some-more secure borders is somehow anti -American while examination a adults gunned down by radical jihadists is discharged as “random acts” of “workplace violence.”

It took hacked emails to learn a nation’s media works directly with one of a nation’s vital domestic parties to manipulate coverage of their opponents and curry preference for their selected nominee.

College students now comment for over a trillion dollars in tyro loan debt, while pursuit prospects for them sojourn slim and low paying.

I’ve watched an IRS targeting certain domestic groups., an EPA that’s done a appetite some-more expensive, a DOE that combined a one-size-fits-all curriculum for my kids who all learn differently, a Veterans Affairs liaison that’s treated some of a heroes worse than animals, and a Secretary of State who combined an bootleg tip means of communication to heighten herself and yield favors with her office.

Perhaps misfortune of all, I’ve watched an FBI, DOJ, and Supreme Court turn totally compromised by a politics of a day and not a Constitution and a order of law. Without equal focus of a law, we have no nation.

And we know who presided over all of these things? The male who done me feel for a final 8 years only a approach we Hillary electorate feel today. But here’s my promise:

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My opinion for Trump yesterday was to remove all of a things we only listed. we couldn’t caring reduction about Trump a man. I’m not invested in him. I’m not wearing him on my shirt like we did Obama. we wish Washington DC, corruption, bullying, chaos, and recession in this republic to stop. we wish to be left alone. we wish we to be left alone, too.

I wish my supervision to yield for a common invulnerability and assistance put some-more disposable income in my slot – that’s it. Leave me, my neighbors, my church, my community, and my state to run a possess lives. That’s what we design from Donald Trump. we don’t wish and won’t support him “doing” anything to we or me.

Barack Obama, Washington D.C., and a elites of domestic parties, entertainers, and media companies have been dictating a terms of, and derisive American’s lives prolonged enough. I’ll mount shoulder to shoulder with we in fighting Donald Trump should he rivet in a same behavior.

But for now, know this choosing symbolizes a republic full of people like me who feel like we’ve been removing a behind of a boss and government’s palm for 8 prolonged years.

Donald Trump is a response. He wasn’t inaugurated to retaliate you, or decider you, or jail you, or gibe you, or gibe we if we remonstrate with him. That’s what a final 8 years have been.

I voted for him with a wish he moves Heaven and Earth to leave we and me alone to lead a lives as we see fit. If he strays from that, I’ll mount shoulder to shoulder with we to stop him.

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I didn’t opinion Trump since he’d enthuse me or lift my kids or take caring of me or change my life in any way.

Donald Trump didn’t win since his electorate suspicion he’d oversee as a Republican Barack Obama. His electorate wish he’ll oversee only a opposite. If he’s successful and does it right, we shouldn’t know he’s there.

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