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Storm pulls a quick one, blankets southern Maine with complicated snow

The low and complicated sweeping of uninformed sleet that caused widespread energy outages and slowed transport Friday morning came as a warn to many Mainers, including a forecasters who pronounced a charge took an astonishing spin late Thursday.

Heavier-than-expected layer in southern Maine challenged crews perplexing to keep roads and highways clear, and caused delays in atmosphere and sight travel. And areas that approaching little, if any snow, were strike with widespread energy outages when soppy sleet total with clever winds to import down or mangle off tree limbs and strike down energy lines.

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Residents along Paul Street in South Berwick work to transparent divided a 5 to 6 inches of heavy, soppy sleet that fell overnight.Residents along Paul Street in South Berwick work to transparent divided a 5 to 6 inches of heavy, soppy sleet that fell overnight.


Warm temperatures and splendid fever Friday brought a lot of melting, yet a tough solidify Friday night was approaching to emanate icy roads into Saturday morning.

The nor’easter had been likely to lambaste a western foothills and mountains, with smaller accumulations foresee in southern internal sections and mostly sleet on a coast.

That unfolding mostly played out as approaching Thursday afternoon, yet it abruptly altered in a dusk when cold atmosphere suddenly changed into southern and coastal areas and sleet switched behind into complicated snow, pronounced James Brown, a meteorologist with a National Weather Service in Gray.

“The lane was a small over easterly late in a game, (and) that done a outrageous difference,” Brown said. “It incited sincerely early. By 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. a cold atmosphere came in and it usually snowed like crazy.”

That meant coastal areas such as Saco, Portland and Brunswick that were ostensible to get usually a few inches of sleet got closer to a foot. Inland tools of Cumberland and York counties that approaching 6-8 inches got double that amount, or more. Some of those towns available some-more than 20 inches of sleet by Friday morning.

Naples strike a kitty with 27 inches of snow, pronounced Andy Pohl, a meteorologist with a National Weather Service in Gray. Snow totals sundry widely opposite Cumberland County, where 24 inches were reported in North Sebago and 8 inches in a North Deering territory of Portland.

In York County, North Waterboro got 25.6 inches of snow, while 24 inches were reported in Alfred and Acton. In Hollis, 22.5 inches fell during a home of a continue use employee, who reported as most as 5.8 inches in one hour.

“That’s a flattering crazy rate,” Pohl said. “Cumberland and York counties took a brunt of it.”

The storm’s astonishing change left some towns and cities scrambling to keep roads clear.

“We didn’t put a full plow operation on since we didn’t design a volume of sleet we got,” Portland Public Works Operations Manager Steve Earley said. The city approaching 2-4 inches overnight, Earley said. But by 11 p.m., it was transparent a city would have to ramp adult a operation to understanding with a quick accumulating snow. That acted another problem, since plow lorry drivers called into work were removing stranded on a approach in, he said.

“By morning, we had a full plow complement, yet during that indicate we are personification catch-up,” Earley said.

The charge also put vigour on Maine Department of Transportation crews, dialect orator Ted Talbot said.

“I consider it is satisfactory to say, we were prepared for lighter amounts in a southern segment and heavier amounts in western region,” Talbot pronounced Friday. “It wasn’t a matter of being surprised, it was us wanting to do some-more rotations, creation certain shifts are adhered to, usually to be prepared for a some-more severe charge than what was creatively forecast.”

The sleet also acted problems for highway crews. “The roads are still sleet covered, this is a tough form of snow, really heavy, sticky,” Talbot said.

Primary roads were especially transparent by midmorning Friday and open reserve dispatchers reported teenager crashes during a morning commute. No critical injuries were reported.

The charge competence have contributed to a deadly glow in Pownal. Barry Cain, 65, had mislaid energy and investigators trust he was regulating an choice feverishness source when a glow started early Friday.

Portland announced a city-wide parking anathema from 10 p.m. Friday to 6 a.m. Saturday so city crews can finish clean-up in a city. Main trade arterials were plowed Friday morning, yet crews still had to get to some delegate streets.

“Residential streets are kind of a mess, some we haven’t even gotten to yet,” Earley pronounced Friday.

In some cases, it was downed energy lines and not sleet that slowed travel.

A territory of Route 22 in Gorham was sealed early Friday while crews private a depressed tree and remade downed application lines. And in Portland, downed energy lines were reported on Riverton Drive.

Despite a astonishing snow, many Maine businesses reported their operations continued as common Friday.

“We do not expect any vital impact on shipping or deliveries,” L.L. Bean orator Mac McKeever said.

Bath Iron Works also reported minimal intrusion as a trickery celebrated a weeklong shutdown between Christmas and New Year’s Day, association orator David Hench said.

UNUM’s Portland bureau was open Friday, yet mouthpiece Mary Fortune pronounced a association put strait skeleton in place in box some employees were incompetent to safely transport to work.

Gov. Paul LePage behind a opening of state offices until 9 a.m. Friday.

Bridgton and Rumford district courts were closed.

The Portland International Jetport, where breeze gusts surfaced out during 32 mph Thursday, reported mixed behind and canceled flights Friday morning, yet usually a handful were canceled or behind by late Friday afternoon. The Amtrak Downeaster reported that newcomer trains would be behind adult to 90 mins since of downed trees and other storm-related issues.

At a University of Maine in Orono, a multiple of complicated sleet and unbending winds collapsed a Mahaney Dome, an air-supported structure used for jaunty training. There were no injuries and a university is assessing a border of a damage, partner jaunty executive Will Biberstein said.

Snow is behind in a foresee for New Year’s Eve, with 1 to 3 inches approaching to fall.

The sleet will come in after dim and finish in early 2017, shortly after midnight, pronounced Chris Legro, a meteorologist with a continue use in Gray.

The cloud cover compared with a sleet will keep temperatures rather mild, with a low around 30 approaching in Portland Saturday night into Sunday morning. Skies should solemnly transparent New Year’s Day, Legro said, and it will be mild, with a high around 40 in southern Maine.

The subsequent charge complement is foresee to come in Tuesday, Legro said, yet it will still be comfortable adequate to furnish a brew of sleet and rain. Other than that, a new year’s initial few days should be comparatively amiable and calm, he said.

Staff Writer Edward D. Murphy contributed to this report.






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