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Stranger on Plane Adopts Woman’s Son After Chance Encounter: ‘They Were Meant for Each Other’


Samantha Snipes‘ life was incited upside down in 2016 when she schooled she was profound by her violent then-boyfriend. Now, she says one possibility confront valid to be a “light during a finish of a tunnel” she indispensable to save herself — and her son.

“After finally gaining a strength to leave my violent relationship, we found myself in a really dim and waste place mentally,” Snipes tells PEOPLE. “I knew we desired this life inside of me, yet we didn’t adore myself or a place we was in during that time. we desired [my son] so many and that’s because knew he deserved better.”

At 12 weeks pregnant, Snipes fled to her mother’s home in Arkansas where she spent months stressed and vexed as she struggled to devise a destiny for herself and her unborn baby. Her mom offering to lift a child, yet Snipes says she knew that would not be best.

Soon, Snipes’ difficulty incited to clarity when, during 8 months pregnant, she motionless to fly to North Carolina to revisit her new boyfriend. She finished adult blank her joining moody during a outing and, after engagement another, she found herself seated on a craft subsequent to Temple Phipps.

Samantha Snipes with baby Vaughn

Samantha Snipes with Baby Vaughn

“She was so welcoming and bubbly and sweet. She was accurately a chairman we indispensable to accommodate during that impulse when we was shocked and frightened and alone,” a now-25-year-old tells PEOPLE of Phipps. “Neither of us should have been on that plane. we was so concerned to accommodate my beloved and shocked of carrying no devise for my child. She felt like a longtime crony after usually a few mins of talking.”

The dual women spent about an hour on a craft talking, laughing, good and pity stories. Snipes told Phipps all about her past struggles, and Phipps, who is single, voiced to Snipes that she had always wanted children.

“It went from a sum foreigner to feeling like a chairman I’ve famous my whole life,” Snipes adds of a pointless encounter.

The dual split ways when they landed, with Phipps returning to her North Carolina home and Snipes assembly with her boyfriend. However, Snipes suddenly finished adult going into labor during a trip, about 3 weeks early. She says that even yet her beloved was supportive, she desperately wanted to call Phipps.

Temple Phipps with son Vaughn

Temple Phipps with son Vaughn

Snipes initial common her story with Love What Matters, writing, “I called Temple and asked if she could come see me. we told her we had a baby and indispensable someone to speak to. She concluded to come see me and keep me company.”

Baby Vaughn was innate on Oct. 6, 2016, in a North Carolina sanatorium and Phipps immediately fell in adore with a newborn. Snipes pronounced she marveled during Phipps’ and Vaughn’s tie and knew what she indispensable to do. She asked Phipps to adopt her baby.

“I was in comprehensive startle and started good and shaking,” Phipps tells PEOPLE of Snipes’ offer. “I was holding Vaughn during that time and could not trust a spectacle that was holding place.”

From left: Temple Phipps, Vaughn and Samantha Snipes

From left: Temple Phipps, Vaughn and Samantha Snipes

Phipps, 42, concluded and, about dual weeks later, she was means to take Vaughn home as her own. The adoption was finalized in Aug 2017.

“It’s incredible. Sometimes we usually lay and glance during them together and I’m like, they were meant for for any other,” Snipes tells PEOPLE of Phipps and Vaughn. “She was meant to accommodate me, she was meant to be his mother. It’s a many pleasing thing.”

And Phipps has even served as a mom figure for Snipes. She changed to North Carolina to be tighten to Phipps and Vaughn and what started as a possibility assembly has resulted in a “strong, pleasing relationship,” Snipes tells PEOPLE.

“To me she is a mother, a sister, and a good crony on tip of being a mom to my child,” Snipes says. “I gave adult a attribute we had with my family when we done this preference and shes given me some-more of a family than we ever had with them.”

Now, a women, who devise to write a book together about their journey, live about an hour from any other and speak daily. Snipes, who lives with her boyfriend, says Phipps helped her get behind on her feet and both women are beholden for a pointless encounter.

“We not usually are connected by Vaughn yet have a loyal loyalty as well,” Phipps tells PEOPLE. “Life as Vaughn’s mom is amazing. He was positively meant to be my son and he fills my heart and residence with so many adore and joy. we am beholden bland and never take this present for granted. we am assured that when Vaughn learns of his tour to me he will know a unselfish and bold choice that Samantha done to safeguard he has a pleasing life.”

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