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Strangers Ask Mother About Baby, Prompt Realization

Abductors mostly work in groups and position themselves via a store. Although it wouldn’t seem that these 3 people were selling together, we am certain this male and integrate were a team. 

-This integrate were of East Indian skirmish and a male was white and lonesome in tattoos – all were midst 30’s. Beware no matter a color, appearance, age or sex. 

-The integrate checked out with 2 equipment of small value. Something they could simply abandon. 

-The lady had shocking vicinity to me during times and twice put her palm on my basket. She combined one track for me to place my groceries, so withdrawal my courtesy divided between my kids and my task. (I did not place anything on a belt until they left…FYI )

-I20 is a distinguished sex-trafficking route; Longview included. In fact, a U.S. Department of Justice used a following cities to investigate sex-trafficking data. Notice a initial three. 


San Antonio, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Salt Lake City, UT

Buffalo, NY

Baton Rouge and New Orleans, LA

Independence, MO

Las Vegas, NV

Clearwater, FL

The Commonwealth of a Northern Mariana Islands (U.S. Territory) 

-Houston is a renouned pier where these children are sole overseas

-Abductors mostly follow we to your automobile and waylay a peaceful child they connected with moments before; all while we put in groceries. 

-Abductors can follow we home. 

-The assistant remarked that she suspicion we knew these strangers. Their physique denunciation conveyed that to onlookers, that would make an exit convenient. 

-I’ve listened this is function during Target, Walmart Kmart; mostly in a mornings/before lunch. Completely loyal of my experience, though it could occur anywhere. 

-Moms selling alone with kids are targeted. Also loyal of my experience. 

-Although gossip says blonde, satisfactory girls/teen are targets, I’ve nonetheless to find that in my investigate my daughter doesn’t fit that description. 

-Additionally, small girls AND boys of any age are targets.

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