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Subway Plans To Close 500 More Stores In The US

MILFORD, CT — Subway, that has scarcely 26,000 stores in a United States, skeleton to tighten 500 locations in North America by a finish of 2018, though a Milford-based association is distant from scaling behind as officials wish to open 1,000 new stores overseas, according to media reports.

Even when Subway reduces a numbers in a U.S., it will still distant and divided have a many stores as YUM Brand, that operates Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, is in second place with 17,500 locations, according to CNN Money. If we are wondering, McDonald’s has 14,000 locations in a U.S.

If your internal Subway survives a cut, and we don’t know that ones will tighten as of yet, you’ll notice some changes. There will be self-service kiosks, improved seating and Wi-Fi and USB charging ports, CNN Money reports.

Subway began to cut behind a series of stores in 2016 when it sealed 350 locations. Last year another 800 stores sealed that adult until currently left a series of Subways in a U.S. during 25,908, Bloomberg reports.

In a way, Subway officials are responding to competition and officials contend they wish to urge a demeanour and functionality of their stores for customers.

“We wish to be certain that we have a best location,” Subway Restaurants CEO Suzanne Greco told Bloomberg News in an interview. “Store count isn’t everything.” A Subway mouthpiece told Fortune a association expects “having a slightly smaller, though some-more essential footprint in North America” though with distant some-more stores overseas.

Subway’s sales slipped by 4.4 percent in 2017, Fortune reports.

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