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Sullivan: A Class Act, Romo’s Career With a Cowboys Was Underappreciated

More times than not, a backup quarterbacks and harmed players are a initial ones to leave a home locker room during ATT Stadium. we am presumption this is how it works around a whole NFL, as they are customarily a customarily players who didn’t take a field. I’m not wholly certain they even shower, there’s unequivocally no need, so maybe that’s since they are exiting as a media is entering for postgame interviews.

That wasn’t a box with Tony Romo following a team’s local detriment to a Green Bay Packers this past January. He wasn’t in a rush, in part, if not entirely, since he knew he wouldn’t back. At a time, he had positively no suspicion possibly or not he would ever be in another NFL locker room as an active player. This most is true. However, he knew it would never again be with a Cowboys. 

The impulse Romo couldn’t lapse to this organisation came on Monday, Nov. 14, when he was sensitive by conduct manager Jason Garrett that he wouldn’t be authorised to contest for a team’s starting quarterback pursuit notwithstanding a fact he was healthy. At that point, there was no branch back. They could understanding with a awkwardness for dual months or however prolonged a deteriorate went, yet that would be that. we mean, Garrett and Romo weren’t unequivocally talking, that is not a tolerable conditions for success.

Back to that final diversion in January. After hugging several teammates and organisation employees, revelation several, “Thanks for all over a years,” Romo incited and walked out of a locker room. There, he stopped for a impulse with former Cowboys using behind and organisation consultant Calvin Hill and his mother before afterwards pity a large cuddle with a lady who has prolonged served as a defender of a Cowboys locker room.

After that, he walked alone in a guts of a building he so mostly owned. A building in that he total fad and foe when a organisation around him didn’t consequence either. A building that also saw him humour earthy and mental torture time and again.

Walking to his truck, Romo didn’t skip a singular organisation employee, thanking them all, a handshake here, a cuddle there. Everyone sensed this was goodbye, not see we again subsequent season. This was something else entirely. This was a end.

Romo arrived during his Ford pickup truck, sealed a towel for a parking lot attendant, and took a few photos, smiling tenderly in each. At one point, he was in a driver’s chair prepared to skip when another asked for a photo. Romo non-stop his doorway and jumped out and took once final picture. Then, during 7:32 p.m., he gathering off.

In veteran sports, and we theory in life, a finish customarily isn’t pleasant. That’s since it’s a end.

I creatively wrote this column, during slightest tools of it, about a month ago, when we all suspicion Romo would be expelled and/or traded on a initial day of giveaway agency. At a time, we wrote that he was going to play in 2017. More than expected we was wrong, nonetheless it’s value observant that Romo himself didn’t use a word “retire” during his discussion call on Tuesday.

This positively feels like a end, though, and that would be wise in terms of Don Meredith, Roger Staubach, Danny White and Troy Aikman. None of them ever played for another NFL organisation besides a Dallas Cowboys.

Romo positively falls within that organisation in authorization lore, for my income third behind a dual Super Bowl winners, and honestly, with a gun to my head, we would take Romo over Aikman for a singular game, both of them in their prime. we know a infancy would disagree, yet that’s my dual cents.

For whatever reason, NFL quarterbacks are judged by postseason success. we can’t explain why, and frankly, we consider it’s kind of absurd. We don’t reason it opposite a likes of Ernie Banks, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Elgin Baylor and Barry Bonds.

I have many, many times created about how underappreciated Romo was. Those 3 8-8 teams mount out for me since a strenuous majority, both nationally and locally, media and fans alike, perspective them as a disappointment, speak and write about them as a disaster opposite Romo. Here’s a reality: Those teams weren’t good. The defenses were terrible and a descent line was rebuilding. It’s one of a good accomplishments in authorization story that those teams never played a diversion that didn’t have playoff implications.

Over that three-year stretch, 3 NFL quarterbacks finished 65 percent of their passes, threw during slightest 90 touchdown passes and tossed fewer than 40 interceptions: Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Romo. The total record for a former twin was 57-15. For me, common clarity says that Romo played during a high adequate turn those 3 years to have that kind of winning percentage, scarcely 80 percent. It was only those around him, including a invulnerability he had 0 control over, weren’t good enough.

In some ways, we have all unsuccessful these final 24 hours, myself included. The storyline here should be what Romo has accomplished, how he represented this franchise, even final deteriorate when it could have been rubbed most differently, a pain he played through, and really, a absurdness of his story: Undrafted giveaway representative sealed for $10,000 to creation 9 total as a longtime face of America’s Team. That’s some enchanting stuff.

Instead, a broadcasting aspect has been a headline. Look, we have a subsequent 20, 25 years to speak about how he’s doing in a booth. This should be a time for celebrating his career.

The subsequent time we will be essay this most about Romo will be for his Ring of Honor ceremony, and my theory is that won’t be prolonged after he retires, maybe dual years. This is an absolute, mortal lock. And it’s good deserved, even reduction a postseason success. He’ll join Don Perkins and “Dandy” Don Meredith as those enshrined who don’t possess a Super Bowl ring. 

And in a end, for many, that’s what his bequest will be. Romo himself has concurred as most many times over a years. As we wrote final August, after his damage in a preseason diversion opposite Seattle, Romo deserved better, yet life is astray and a universe doesn’t postponement for sentiment.

A category act, though, does postponement for one final print ask before pushing his Ford pickup out of ATT Stadium in what was a final time he’ll wear a uniform he brought so most grace to.


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