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Swatch skeleton mixed smartwatches, though they’ll be simple


Swatch has usually only dipped a toes into a smartwatch waters, though it already has grand ambitions in a category. CEO Nick Hayek tells Tages-Anzeiger that subsequent year’s Touch Zero Two (due around a Rio Olympics in August) is only a start. There should be mixed smartwatches, and a association is also releasing NFC-equipped, payment-capable watches after this year. In other words, Swatch isn’t treating these inclination as exceptions or one-off experiments, like some other Swiss watchmakers.

Not that we should design Swatch to directly plea a Apple Watch or Android Wear. Hayek doesn’t wish a multi-purpose “computer for a wrist,” or to count on outward companies for assistance — Swatch got burnt when Microsoft abandoned MSN Direct, so it’s not about to rest on someone else’s height regardless of a sophistication. Instead, you’re some-more expected to see simple, focused inclination that only occur to do some-more than tell a time. It’s too shortly to know if this plan will work, and marketplace share estimates advise that it competence not (shipments of narrow-purpose smartwatches like Withings Activit√© dark in comparison). All a same, it’s good to know that Swatch’s wristwear is evolving.

[Image credit: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images]

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2015/08/22/swatch-plans-multiple-smartwatches-but-they-wont-be-advanced/