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Take two: UFC’s Andrea Lee reissues reparation after husband’s Nazi tattoos come to light

[autotag]Andrea Lee[/autotag] is holding another shot during her apology.

Over a weekend a UFC women’s flyweight and her husband/coach, Donny Aaron, were on a invulnerability after social-media supporters noticed some concerning tattoos.

It started with some lakeside photos, where supporters beheld Aaron has a swastika tattoo on his left arm and a Nazi SS shaft pitch on his right arm.

Aaron released a extensive apology, pronounced he’s a altered man, and that he got a tattoos during a jail stint. He also pronounced any annoy and hatred should be destined during him and not his 29-year-old wife, who’s a former LFA women’s flyweight champion who debuted with a UFC in May and degraded Veronica Macedo (5-2-1 MMA, 0-2 UFC) around unanimous decision in a “Fight of a Night” performance.

In her initial reparation on Friday – that has given been deleted – Lee called critics “sensitive donkey mofos“:

“Neither one of us are racists, we have an Asian a black male that live with us! Oh my gosh guys it’s a tattoo he got when he was in prison, get over yourelves.  He covers them adult all a time we occur to have a lake day and it creates an appearance. Sensitive donkey mofos.”

Lee, though, deleted that reparation and released a new one late Sunday – one that was crafted with a bit some-more caring and professionalism.

Here it is (via Twitter):

“My comments a day before were meant to only urge my father not his tattoo. we never dictated to make light of a situation, a story of a pitch or boot anyone that was offended, This mistakes he finished in his girl are not a illustration of who he is today, that is a male that loves and respects everyone. Donny was my manager prolonged before we got together, when we initial met Donny, we doubt him too about his tattoos and he explained to me about his past and who he was now and how he’d changed. The some-more we got to know him as a chairman a reduction we beheld his skin.

“I’m truly contemptible for responding a other day a approach we did, if we consider we don’t we DO! I’m not racist, I’m not a nazi and we don’t hatred people and conjunction does Donny.

“I’ve always believed in a Golden Rule: do unto others as we would have them do unto you, we privately try to live by that and we tell my daughter that all a time. we Also don’t trust in hating a chairman for things they have finished to we or things have done, Period, If we don’t like someone. we never ever contend that we hatred people or a person, if anything we only intensely dislike a person, though never hate.

“I’m a form of chairman to assistance anyone out no matter a tone of their skin or a sacrament they trust in, we don’t decider people formed off a singular thing or movement or since of what someone else pronounced about them, we throttle to get to know them initial and afterwards make my possess chairman opinion, that’s how we am that’s who we have always been.

“So we am contemptible if we annoyed anyone, we apologize, greatfully pardon me

“Please read. This is from my heart. Whether we hatred me or not we sojourn unequivocally contemptible and will continue to do good by people regardless.”

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