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Taliban ‘not seeking to seize whole Afghanistan’

Taliban central Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai speaks to a BBC

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Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai: “Peace is some-more formidable than war”

The Taliban central who has led a group’s assent negotiations with a US has told a BBC a insurgents do not wish to seize “the whole nation by [military] power”.

“It will not move assent to Afghanistan,” Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai said.

However, he pronounced a organisation would not determine to a ceasefire until unfamiliar army were cold from Afghanistan.

UN information shows that a Taliban are obliged for some-more municipal casualties than any other warring party.

Mr Stanikzai, who until recently was a conduct of a Taliban’s domestic bureau in Qatar and stays a heading figure in a group, was giving his initial talk to a general media while attending a assembly in Moscow with comparison Afghan antithesis politicians.

He pronounced a Taliban’s practice in energy in a 1990s, when it faced armed antithesis from antithesis Afghan groups, had led a organisation to interpretation it was preferable to strech a resolution by “coming to a table”.

“Peace is some-more formidable than war,” Mr Stanikzai added, alluding to a problems in reaching a settlement. But he voiced hopes that a dispute could be brought to an end.

Mr Stanikzai has overseen a array of meetings with a US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, in new months.

In January, they reached what Mr Khalilzad termed as a “draft framework” of an agreement.

It was formed on a joining to repel US army from a country, and a pledge by a Taliban not to concede general jihadist groups to use Afghanistan as a bottom in a future.

Both sides have indicated that a array of issues still need to be resolved. However US President Donald Trump has done transparent his enterprise to move an finish to a 17-year dispute and repel during slightest a immeasurable bulk of American forces.

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Taliban militants have carried a array of lethal attacks opposite Afghanistan

Mr Stanikzai told a BBC he believed a Trump administration wanted to “bring assent to Afghanistan.”

The assembly in Moscow is apart from a US-Taliban assent talks.

In serve to a Taliban delegation, it was also attended by former Afghan President Hamid Karzai, as good as other high-profile antithesis figures.

Topics of discussions enclosed how a nation could be governed in a future, if a Taliban were to turn a mainstream domestic force.

Mr Stanikzai addressed a assembly in a hotel in Moscow, observant a organisation did not wish “a corner of power” – though that Afghanistan’s structure had been “imported from a West” and was an “obstacle to peace”.

The Taliban governed Afghanistan in 1996-2001 with an ultra-conservative and mostly heartless interpretation of Islamic law.

The organisation was scandalous for a diagnosis of women, banning many of them to work or go to school.

However, Mr Stanikzai pronounced “women should not worry” about a awaiting of augmenting Taliban change as they would find to extend women all their “rights according to Islamic order and Afghan culture”.

“They can go to school, they can go to universities, they can work,” he added.

Fawzia Koofi, an Afghan MP and one of usually dual women benefaction during a Moscow meeting, told a BBC: “It’s a certain step that a Taliban who were regulating bullets opposite a people of Afghanistan, generally women, are now regulating microphone and listening to women’s voices.”

She pronounced a Taliban member had told her a lady should not be means to turn boss though could offer in domestic office.

“We need to make certain all they contend here, they meant it,” Ms Koofi added.

The Afghan supervision were not partial of a talks in Moscow.

President Ashraf Ghani has regularly called on a Taliban to start approach negotiations with his representatives, though so distant a organisation has refused, dismissing them as puppets of a US.

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US soldiers yield training for a Afghan military

US negotiators have attempted to convince a Taliban to accommodate Afghan officials, though Mr Stanikzai remained deceptive when questioned about a resources underneath that they would ever determine to do so.

He pronounced that “when a American army announce a withdrawal of their troops” there could be serve “intra-Afghan dialogue”. It could embody member of a stream Afghan government, alongside others, to “select or elect a destiny government”.

Officials in Kabul have suggested a discussions in Russia are an try by domestic rivals to criticise a Afghan government, and try a intensity understanding with a Taliban but their input.

Mr Stanikzai pronounced a Taliban had motionless in Moscow to accommodate Afghan domestic total who had “manpower” on a ground.

Speaking to Afghan TV channel TOLOnews, President Ghani said: “Those who have collected in Moscow have no executive authority. They can contend what they want.”

Despite a talks in Moscow, and a serve turn of US-Taliban discussions being scheduled for 25 February, assault in Afghanistan continues.

On Tuesday, Taliban army reportedly killed dozens of members of a Afghan confidence army in a array of attacks in a north of a country.

Article source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-47139908