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Taylor Swift-Tom Hiddleston-Kim Kardashian swindling theories everywhere on Twitter

So many luminary amicable accounts, so small time. In a new feature, we do a work for you, following each Twitter meltdown and bare selfie that we didn’t need to see yet substantially will anyway.


One could be indignant during a Taylor Swift / Tom Hiddleston / Calvin Harris / Kim Kardashian frenzy that has overtaken a Internet a final few days for many, many reasons. Most things — like postulating on luminary breakups and catfights — can feel quite shoal in a arise of something like Orlando. Not that they didn’t to start with, we get it.

But perfect disappointment and sleepy with a whole dissection and new beloved charade was already brewing. And this time, many of that sleepy is descending on Miss Taylor Alison Swift. Seriously, hunt ‘tired of Taylor’ on Twitter if we don’t trust us.

Here’s a recap for those selecting to usually listen / compensate courtesy to Hamilton this week: Tay and Cal pennyless things off, strictly announcing it on a amicable medias about dual weeks ago. The excellent soil purveyors during The Sun (this is an critical detail) published presumably vehement photos of Tay and Tom Hiddleston creation out on rocks tighten to her Rhode Island house. Not to be confused with a Massachusetts house that was a “stone’s-throw” from a Kennedy compound, that she sole a brief yet not headline-inspiring volume of time after bursting with Conor Kennedy. But we digress.

Shortly before a NEW COUPLE ALERT! pics appeared, a GQ form of Kim Kardashian strike a webs, and in it, some uncharacteristically forked attacks on what Tay did or didn’t know about that Kanye line that revived their long-standing beef. And yesterday, the paparazzi TMZ found Cal and forced him to fuss something hardly discernible about a situation, all while he was conveniently wearing a span of Yeezys.

Got that? OK good, time for some fan theories.

Though initial a note from a editors: USA TODAY has reached out to Taylor Swift’s reps about a dating rumors and successive events yet has not nonetheless perceived a response. All of that follows is Internet surmise and sarcasm.

Starting with a photos, that have desirous a lot of things solely 100% acceptance that they were, as The Sun wrote in it’s lead, explanation that Tay “is personally romancing destiny James Bond Tom Hiddleston.”

But why, we might ask, would a lady able of shopping her possess dried island, shipping in rocks to make it demeanour like Rhode Island, selecting scarcely any male on a world to ship out there for a functions of a miscarry yet flagging a media, chose to theatre photos for a British tabloid?

Twitter theorists have a two-fold answer: 1. This is her attempted and loyal regulation and we usually have ourselves to censure since we devour a byproducts (re: songs, adorable Instagrams) yet doubt (OK we combined that final partial yet it indispensable to be said). 2. She indispensable to obstruct courtesy from that GQ article.

Yes friends, this is where things get interesting.

Remember that Grammys acceptance speech? The one we resolved was destined during a misogynistic Kanye lyric, that is misogynistic at face-value yet also since we were lead to trust it was not authorized by Tay notwithstanding Kanye’s protests otherwise?

Well, Kim K left zero to a imagination, observant it was all LIES in a approach that was so vehement GQ author Caity Weaver knew she was being planted with information yet did what we would all do and ran with it. A Taylor orator supposing a mag with a really Taylor response from Taylor, that enclosed a name Taylor a whopping 8 Taylor times (we counted), observant all Kanye’s ever gonna be is mean.

So here we are: Tay is claiming to be a plant of #cyberbullying as she has many times. But distinct many of those other times, this one is not going over well, that might or might not have to do with a Hiddleston photos and her clearly #overit ex, Cal. All of that she might or might not have finished to assistance costume a distributed open persona, that might or might not be carrying a conflicting effect.

Oh and remember we pronounced it was critical that The Sun was a opening with a photos? That’s since Hiddleston has been waging what many are job a debate to be James Bond, and this clearly honeyed May – Dec intrigue is a latest step in his query for a British high honor.

Can’t contend we’d be indignant saying Tay on some Bond red carpets, though.

Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2016/06/17/taylor-swift-tom-hiddleston-kim-kardashian-conspiracy-theories/86036008/