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Tennessee Teens Die After Drinking Mountain Dew/Racing Fuel Cocktail

Another Tennessee teen has died after celebration a weird cocktail of racing fuel and Mountain Dew.

Police in Greenbrier, Tennessee, are questioning a occurrence after Logan Stephenson, 16, was found nonchalant in his home final Thursday.

Stephenson is a second teen whose genocide is connected to a weird mixture: J.D. Byram died Monday night during Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Both teenagers were students during Grienbrier High School, and were reportedly among a organisation of students experimenting with a cocktail final Wednesday. Two other students were taken to a ER after entrance brazen and observant they’d also drank a mixture, though have been expelled with a purify check of health.

“I feel utterly certain these people did not know a intensity malignancy of this ingestion,” Donna Seger, medical executive with a Tennessee Poison Control Center, told WSMV-TV. The cocktail, famous as “Dewshine” (Pepsi distributes a non-alcoholic chronicle of Mountain Dew with a same name), is apparently new: Seger pronounced this was a initial time she’d listened of it.

“It’s a reduction of Mountain Dew and afterwards methanol in racing fuel,” she explained. “There’s a small bit of methanol in a ethanol we drink, and that’s pronounced to means a hangover. To splash true methanol is unequivocally a recipe for disaster.”

“It’s inspiring things on a mobile level,” Seger said. “It’s melancholy a eyes, can means one to go blind.”

“We have positively seen methanol infections, though zero like this. we mean, this was a product that was roughly 100 percent methanol, that is utterly unusual,” she combined to WKRN.

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