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Texas gives Planned Parenthood notice of Medicaid ouster

  • Planned Parenthood serves health centers in Texas and Louisiana from a Gulf Freeway offices. (AP Photo/Pat Sullivan) Photo: Pat Sullivan, STF / AP



AUSTIN — Setting adult a subsequent authorised conflict over Planned Parenthood’s impasse in a Texas Medicaid Program, a state’s Health and Human Services Commission on Tuesday told a reproductive health caring provider that it would flog out all a affiliates from a module that mostly serves bad women.

In a final notice of termination, antiquated Dec. 20, a commission’s Office of a Inspector General pronounced that a organisation is “not efficient to yield medical services in a professionally competent, safe, legal, and reliable demeanour underneath a applicable supplies of state and sovereign law regarding to Medicaid providers.”

The minute cites an clandestine video by a Center for Medical Progress, that purports to uncover employees of Planned Parenthood’s Houston bureau deliberating a buying of fetal tissue. “These practices violate supposed medical standards… and are Medicaid module violations that clear termination,” according to a minute from Inspector General Stuart Bowen, Jr.

He indicted Planned Parenthood of permitting doctors to “alter procedures to obtain targeted hankie samples indispensable for their specific outward research.”

Planned Parenthood consistently has denied they rivet in such practices. “Planned Parenthood never has and never would sell fetal hankie for profit,” a organisation pronounced in a statement. “Planned Parenthood has been already privileged by 13 state investigations and an additional 8 states declined to even investigate. The state of Texas is once again recycling these fake accusations.”

Representatives from a health elect did not lapse requests for criticism late Tuesday.

Each year, Planned Parenthood’s Houston-based offices see some-more than 5,000 Medicaid patients who are low-income or have no health insurance, and that series stands during some-more than 12,000 patients during their statewide affiliates.

“Already, tens of thousands of people are going though birth control, cancer screenings, HIV tests, and other caring since of a state’s draconian cuts, year after year, to surety family planning. Women have mislaid entrance to affordable and effective birth control and a maternal mankind rate continues to rise,” pronounced Melaney Linton, boss and CEO of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, that is formed in Houston.

“Yet (Gov.) Greg Abbott and his domestic associates in Austin,” she added, ” continue to harm low-income and uninsured Texas women. Rest positive this is not over. Planned Parenthood will never stop fighting to strengthen entrance to health care.”

The final stop minute came 14 months after an progressing notice that, in further to a growth video, cited “reliable information indicating a settlement of bootleg billing practices” by Planned Parenthood as drift for a explusion. Tuesday’s letter, however, did not embody any allegations of Medicaid billing fraud.

After it perceived a initial letter, Planned Parenthood sought a confining sequence in sovereign justice on interest of their patients, though state attorneys fortifying a health elect argued that initial letter, sent in Oct 2015, was not a final stop notice, so Planned Parenthood’s request, during that point, was null.

The decider pronounced a state would need to emanate a final minute before a lawsuit could proceed, though Texas health officials left a emanate alone for some-more than a year. In a arise of a latest notice , Planned Parenthood mouthpiece Rochelle Tafolla pronounced a organisation would bypass an executive conference with a group and instead will lapse to sovereign justice to hindrance a state’s action.


In September, a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals three-judge row inspected a reduce justice claim interlude a identical try by Lousiana Republicans to reject Planned Parenthood from that state’s Medicaid program.

The court’s preference mirrored an Obama administration warning to Texas leaders final year that following by with a devise to flog out Planned Parenthood could run afoul of sovereign law.

“Longstanding Medicaid law prohibits states from restricting people with Medicaid coverage from receiving their caring from any efficient provider,” a matter from a sovereign Department of Health and Human Services said. “Every year, millions of women advantage from vicious surety services, such as cancer screenings, that Planned Parenthood provides. State efforts to shorten women from regulating efficient providers puts these critical health caring services during risk.”


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