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The 10 Best Things we Ate And Drank In My 2016 Travels

The grilled cinnamon hurl during Zingerman’s Roadhouse in Ann Arbor, Mich., one of a best things we ate this year. (Photo by Micheline Maynard)

For me, 2016 was a year of adventures in dining and imbibing. Thanks to my position during NPR, we got to try New England. we also spent time in my dear New Orleans and done visits home to a Midwest.

Every year, we jot down a list of a best things we ate and drank. My list of 2016 is an heterogeneous collection of dishes, drinks and moments that we felt were standouts. Some were modest, others were splurges.

As you’re formulation where to indulge in 2017, here are my tip picks for a year only ending.

Best cocktails. I’m regulating plural since this was a fun year for experiencing some new cocktail trends. Atop a list contingency be a Pisco and Tonic during a pisco bar in a Catahoula Hotel in New Orleans.

People competence know a Pisco Sour, though that’s flattering most all they know about pisco, a Peruvian wine same to brandy. It’s quick apropos some-more popular, as we wrote this summer, although it’s still tough to find (it took visits to 5 wine stores in Boston before we tracked down a singular bottle).

The Pisco and Tonic of march has pisco and tonic, though what sets it detached are a ice cubes. They’re done from Campari, and they supplement a poetic reddish heat to a splash as they dissolve.

Another splash we enjoyed this year is indeed a Detroit classic: The Last Word. we sampled one during a Island Creek Oyster Bar nearby Fenway Park on my farewell dining debate by Boston.

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