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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: ‘Certainly Looks That Way’


Turkish debate officers leave a Saudi consulate with justification after they conducted a new hunt over a disappearance and purported slaying of author Jamal Khashoggi, in Istanbul. Emrah Gurel / AP

What We’re Reading

Meet a #Resistance: If Democrats take behind a House in November, they will owe their success to a inhabitant network of angry organizers on a left. (Charlotte Alter, Time)

What Counts As Religious Liberty?: Earlier this year, a Department of Justice charged Scott Warren, a university techer and activist, with dual sovereign rapist depends of harboring bootleg migrants. Warren’s defense? His faiths compels him to assistance immigrants, and stopping him would violate eremite liberty. (Ryan Lucas, NPR)

Everything Is Fine: Climate change, pandemics, chief war—according to science, these are the 10 ways a universe is many expected to end. (Abigail Higgins, Vox)

Enough Already: Heather Wilhelm reflects on a current philharmonic of “Betomania” in Texas: “When we demeanour during a prime investiture politician as an idol of ‘rock star’ cool, you’re doing something wrong.” (National Review)

Shift a Coverage: The inhabitant news media should cover pivotal issues confronting Indian Country, such as assault opposite women and voter suppression, instead of only Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test, writes Crystal Echo Hawk. (Indian Country Today)


Abandoned in America: See a communities where problems of misery and supervision slight have left from bad to worse. (The Center for Public Integrity)

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