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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Donald-May-Care

What We’re Reading

Why Hasn’t Bolton Done More to Prepare Trump?: Because a national-security confidant wants talks with North Korea to fail, argues Daniel Larison. (The American Conservative)

Spicer Opens Up: In an talk with Rolling Stone, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer shares his private regrets—and maintains that he never indeed hid in a bush. (Tessa Stuart)

Separation Anxiety: After being distant from his father during a U.S.-Mexico border, five-year-old José was put into transitory encourage care in Michigan: “Since his attainment in Michigan, family members said, a day has not left by when a child has unsuccessful to ask in Spanish, ‘When will we see my papa?’” (Miriam Jordan, The New York Times)

A New AG?: Fox News horde Judge Jeanine Pirro has reportedly been revelation President Trump’s aides and advisers for 18 months that she’s meddlesome in replacing Jeff Sessions as profession general. (Eliana Johnson and Andrew Restuccia, Politico)


Welcome to a Millennial Moment: The Millennial era accounts for a entertain of a world’s population. Here’s where they live—and what they do. (Cale Tilford, Financial Times)

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