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The Bachelorette’s Chad Johnson Comes Clean: That Behavior, Those Instagram Pics…and Becoming a Next …

And when Kimmel asked if he is as “hateable” in real-life as he seemed to be on a show, Johnson says, “I meant we don’t consider so, we don’t know. I have flattering good interactions with people generally.” 

Die-hard Bachelor Nation fan that he is, Kimmel had to ask about Chad’s new romance with associate suitor Robby Hayes‘ ex-girlfriend Hope Higginbotham, that he posted about on Instagram. (In a caption, he indicted Robby of ending a “four-year prolonged attribute in sequence to pursue celebrity on a TV show.” Burn!) “We were roving and we only happened to see any other and things went from there,” Chad says of their probable relationship. “It started off as were friends, we were only kind of creation jokes about it, but…I don’t know. we don’t wish to make any judgments or contend where it’s going to go.”

But isn’t he going to Bachelor in Paradise?! Sounds like a outing to Mexico didn’t move him loyal adore with a former Bachelor contestant, though Chad did contend one place he really won’t be roving to: Jordan Rodgers‘ house, after he threatened to find him after filming was over during a moving scene.

“It’s not like we would do that. Obviously we have people to do those forms of things,” Chad jokes (We think?!), before he explains, “Honestly, during that point, we was only joking with him. we was only perplexing to get a man to be quiet. You don’t know what to say. There was a indicate where we couldn’t even nap in a subsequent room since they were articulate about me so much. So we literally was just, like, how crazy do we have to go until maybe they’ll consider I’m violent and afterwards they’ll only start to leave me alone?”

As for his repute after his time on The Bachelorette, Chad isn’t too concerned. “At a finish of a day, it is a show. Things are amplified. We try to be ourselves and we try to be who we are, though during a same time, whoever we are is amplified adult about a million times.” But he isn’t formulation on alighting a purpose of ABC’s subsequent Bachelor. “Obviously, we am still singular and we am still looking for love. Being a Bachelor would obviously be amazing, to have a choice from a organisation of positively pleasing women…but we don’t know. we feel like during this point I was portrayed to be a small too crazy to be that person.”

The Bachelorette front Mondays during 8 p.m. on ABC.

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