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The Daily 202: Will South Carolina Republicans buy that Marco Rubio is only as regressive as Ted Cruz?


GREENVILLE, S.C.—Marco Rubio continues to turn adult some-more endorsements from a investiture wing of a Republican Party. Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts corroborated him yesterday, for example, and Bob Dole told National Review that a Florida senator is his second choice after Jeb Bush.

Here on a belligerent in South Carolina, however, Rubio and his surrogates are insisting not usually that he’s anti-establishment nonetheless that he’s indeed as much, or more, of a regressive as Ted Cruz.

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, famous nationally for a Benghazi inquest, complained about “the thought that somehow someone is some-more regressive in this competition than Marco” as he warmed adult a throng for Rubio in a hotel ballroom. “Marco is as regressive as anyone on that stage,” Gowdy said.

“There’s no doubt about it,” Sen. Tim Scott, another Rubio backer, chimed in. “Marco Rubio’s regressive rankings on all of a scorecards are improved than any member of a South Carolina delegation! Frankly, he is a sixth many regressive member of Congress, in a House or Senate. So there’s no doubt about it: Marco Rubio is a genuine understanding conservative. Without any question. He’s stone solid.”

Rubio himself has used a publicity of Gov. Nikki Haley to regularly remind everybody that he ran for Senate in 2010 as a tea celebration claimant opposite Charlie Crist. Haley, too, took on a GOP investiture favorite in a swarming primary that year.

“I am as regressive as anyone running, nonetheless we am a regressive that can win,” Rubio said during a discuss stop in Anderson.

— This messaging creates sense: Rubio has faced an assault of attacks in TV ads, mailers and robocalls – many over-the-top – that execute him as a tear-jerking moderate. Widely-read regressive sites like Breitbart published a everlasting tide of anti-Rubio content.

— Late final night, though, Rubio substantially did not assistance himself when he skipped a scheduled discuss during a gathering hosted by Mark Levin’s Conservative Review. Organizers pronounced he canceled mins before he was due to take a stage; a discuss explained that he was regulating “super late” given a news got “screwed up.” Other speakers enclosed Sean Hannity and worried congressmen like Louise Gohmert. Levin, an successful radio host, pronounced following that it was “pretty damn rude” for Rubio to cancel. The Rubio discuss remarkable they had surrogates prepared to speak, nonetheless that organizers wouldn’t concede them on stage.

The throng and bid of a module sounded flattering pro-Cruz, so it is probable that Rubio’s discuss wanted to equivocate removing booed by activists.

The Texas senator perceived a rousing accepting when he spoke. Cruz also took a theatre to an rudimentary video that featured Levin pursuit him “the many regressive claimant in a race” and Rush Limbaugh describing him on his uncover as “the many opposite to liberalism” of anyone running. “South Carolina and Texas: we have a lot in common,” Cruz told a crowd. “There are South Carolinians who came to a Alamo and bled and died so that Texas could be free. … We’re southern states. A whole lot of veterans. … Gun owners. … We adore God. And we’re fed adult with a repairs and a drop entrance from a hurtful politicians in Washington.”

The Pope vs. The Donald overshadowed another day of sniping between a dual Cuban American beginner senators, nonetheless a latter storyline is some-more poignant to a outcome of tomorrow’s primary here. Yesterday a Cruz discuss denounced a website called TheRealRubioRecord.com that accuses Rubio of being Obamaseque on immigration, Planned Parenthood, gun rights and happy marriage. The Rubio discuss cried tainted given it enclosed a photo-shopped, built design of Rubio and a boss jolt hands. Rubio afterwards pounded Cruz as “weak” on inhabitant security; Cruz warned that Rubio will try again to pull “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants. Cruz afterwards expelled a shutting ad that takes a shot during Trump and Rubio: “Some possibilities have betrothed to cut some-more deals with a Democrats. Others already have,” he says to camera. “I won’t.”

— Fresh polling out this morning shows Trump’s lead in South Carolina is narrowing. An NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist survey of approaching Republican electorate has him adult 5 points over Cruz, 28 percent to 23 percent, with Rubio during 15 percent and Jeb Bush during 13 percent. Their check final month had Trump adult 16 points (36-20) over Cruz. A Fox News poll published yesterday put Trump adult 13 points over Cruz (32-19), with Rubio during 15.

— The competition feels unequivocally fluid, and a lot of folks display adult to events contend they sojourn uncertain or competence change their mind in a final hours. The publicity from Haley has injected a new appetite into Rubio rallies. Not that it will cost him votes, nonetheless Cruz seems a small ragged out and tired from a exhausting schedule.

— Cruz and Rubio are any perplexing to emerge from this weekend as a categorical choice to Trump. Advisers to Cruz pushed behind energetically on yesterday’s 202, that explained given a third-place finish would be a outrageous reversal for them. They insist that a third-place finish for Rubio would be worse than for them given he has such outspoken support from Haley, Scott and Gowdy.

— As a dual 40-somethings kick a connect out of any other, Utah Sen. Mike Lee competence play a purpose of dove or even arbiter. He’s Cruz’s best crony in a Senate, nonetheless he’s stayed neutral and showed adult during one of Rubio’s events. “In 2016, we conservatives need to be some-more focused on winning over translates than casting off heretics,” Lee pronounced during a Greenville cattle call that Rubio skipped. “It’s time to whet some-more pencils than knives and remember that annoy is not an agenda. Frustration is not a platform. And cynicism is positively not conservative.”


— American warplanes struck an ISIS stay in Libya, targeting suspected personality Noureddine Chouchane, who is believed to be a user behind a attacks in Tunisia. The airstrikes are a pointer of probable stepped adult Western troops activity opposite belligerent strongholds in North Africa. (Brian Murphy)

— Joe Biden says President Obama should collect someone like Anthony Kennedy, not William Brennan, to return Antonin Scalia. The Post’s Jim Tankersly sat down with a clamp boss aboard Air Force Two final night. “This is a intensity enormous diversion changer,” Biden said. “And my recommendation is, a usually approach we get someone on a court, now or even later, is to do what we’ve finished in a past…we have to collect somebody, as a boss will, who is intellectually competent, is a authority of high dignified character, is a authority who is demonstrated to have an open mind, and is a authority who doesn’t come with a specific agenda. And there are a whole ruin of a lot of people who Republicans have already voted for who tumble in that category, who we can like, in my opinion. And there are a lot people they haven’t voted for who tumble in that category. But a thought that we’re going to go in and confirm we’re going to collect an, we don’t know, a new Justice Brennan, we don’t cruise that’s going to happen. That’s not how a complement works.”

Biden also weighed in on the Democratic primary: “I could live with possibly one of them,” he said. “I could support possibly one of them.” The VP, who upheld on running, did criticize both for not articulate some-more about a mercantile recovery. Echoing Sanders, he pronounced he would like to return Glass Steagall. And he remarkable that a single-payer health caring system, that Sanders proposes, was “the president’s position initially. It was Hillary’s!” Biden also compared Trump to George McGovern. Asked if Trump was a conservative, he pronounced “no.” Read some-more from Jim’s speak here.


— The White House is defendeding a president’s decision not to attend Scalia’s funeral, accusing critics of regulating a service as a “political cudgel.”

— Mitch McConnell and Chuck Grassley coop a joint op-ed in today’s Post to disagree that a subsequent boss should collect a nominee. “No one disputes a president’s management to nominate a inheritor to Scalia, nonetheless as untimely as it competence be for this president, Article II, Section 2, of a Constitution grants a Senate a appetite to provide, or as a box competence be, withhold its consent,” they write. “Given that we are in a midst of a presidential choosing process, we trust that a American people should seize a eventuality to import in on whom they trust to commission a subsequent authority for a lifetime appointment to a Supreme Court. It is currently a American people, rather than a lame-duck boss whose priorities and policies they usually deserted in a most-recent inhabitant election, who should be afforded a eventuality to return Justice Scalia.” 

— Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) offering discernment into given a purple state senator wants to equivocate prolonged hearings: “…it competence be usually as good not to have a conference that would, arrange of, competence trick a American people into meditative that this is usually about a education of a candidate, given it’s bigger than that.” (Morning Call)

— Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) told internal reporters on Wednesday that “the hopeful should get a hearing.” According to the Alaska Dispatch News, she explained that: “The purpose of a conference is to establish possibly or not this individual, formed on their record … should be named to a tip justice in a land.”

Facing blowback, Murkowski—who could be exposed to a GOP primary plea this year—took to Twitter final night to explain that she’s opposite confirming whoever a boss picks:

Conservative activists, including radio host Hugh Hewitt, are pressuring members like Murkowski not to produce an inch:

A Chicago justice currently will hear verbal arguments on Cruz’s eligibility to run for boss after an Illinois voter objected to his chain on a state’s primary ballot. Lawrence Joyce, a Ben Carson supporter, is citing Cruz’s Canadian birth to plea his eligibility. USA Today records that a gambit is probably certain to fail: “Sanford Levinson, inherent law highbrow during a University of Texas School of Law, pronounced Joyce would have to infer standing – or given Cruz’s intensity ineligibility affects him privately – for a decider to ensue with a case.” But it’s still an ongoing bother for a senator: “A sovereign lawsuit was filed in Texas final month seeking for a integrity of Cruz’s eligibility to run. And electorate in New York, who lifted matching concerns about Cruz’s citizenship, on Thursday filed a plea with a state Board of Election severe a senator’s eligibility to be on a ballot.”

— Bernie Sanders was on a defensive during an MSNBC/Telemundo Democratic city gymnasium final night in Las Vegas. He faced a horde of vicious questions about his record on immigration reform, pulpy by both a DREAM-er and Clinton herself for his 2007 antithesis to immigration legislation – “I voted for it, Sen. Sanders voted opposite it,” Clinton reminded a assembly — and had to keep reminding electorate it is still a priority for him.

— During a event, Clinton affianced to repeal a law that blocks undocumented immigrants from returning to a U.S. legally for a wait duration of possibly 3 to 10 years. The provision, that went into outcome underneath her father in 1996, is directed during those who overstay their visas or cranky a limit illegally and sets a wait duration depending on a length of time that they have been in a republic illegally. “It does have to be finished legislatively,” she acknowledged. “I would do it on a apart square of legislation and in extensive immigration reform.”

— Clinton, however, was again on a defensive over her coziness with Wall Street: She pronounced she’ll recover transcripts of her paid, closed-door speeches as shortly as “everybody else does,” that is a new and weird approach of disappearing to produce them that will not put a story behind her. She told a lady who asked about a emanate that Bernie also gives speeches to private audiences. Those are not paid, however, and they were positively not to Goldman Sachs.

— Meanwhile in South Carolina, CNN hosted a televised city gymnasium with Trump, Bush and Kasich.

  • Trump, escalating his critique of George W. Bush, declared that a Iraq advance “may have been a misfortune preference in presidential history.” When asked regularly possibly he stood by his progressing comments that “Bush lied,” however, he declined to give an answer. “I’m not articulate about lying,” pronounced Trump. “Nobody unequivocally knows given we went to Iraq.” The billionaire showman also dodged shortcoming for claims done in a recently-unearthed Buzzfeed speak from 2002, in that he indicated support for a war: “I could have pronounced that. Nobody asked me – we wasn’t a politician.”
  • Jeb gave ominous – if intelligent — answers to unfamiliar routine questions, and common anecdotes from his family’s personal onslaught with drug addiction.
  • Kasich pronounced he would cruise Chris Christie for a Cabinet spot.

— Michael Bloomberg, mulling an eccentric bid, continued to decry a tinge of a presidential contest. He pronounced during a book celebration for Peggy Noonan that it is a “race to a extremes” and a possibilities are capitalizing on a “corrupt, gridlocked and broken” complement in that electorate “have mislaid faith,” Paul Schwartzman reports. The ex-New York City mayor didn’t tip his palm about possibly he’ll jump in, nonetheless he said: “The list of ostensible villains we hear about is prolonged … “But a tangible solutions that Americans find have been in brief supply.”

— Breanne Deppisch contributed to this report.


  1. Besides his comments on Trump, Pope Francis suggested contraceptives competence be implicitly slight to equivocate a birth defects that come from a Zika virus. Speaking on house a Papal plane, Francis drew parallels to a 1960s preference that authorised for contraception in an extenuating circumstance. “Avoiding pregnancy is not an comprehensive evil,” he said. (Michelle Boorstein, Colby Itkowitz and Sarah Pulliam Bailey)
  2. Texas’ tip open health official will leave his post after confronting disciplinary transformation for investigate suggesting that cuts to Planned Parenthood prevented low-income women from accessing contraception. (Sarah Kaplan)
  3. Britain began negotiations with EU leaders over potentially withdrawal a 28-member bloc. A “Brexit” would embolden “anti E.U.-voices” from other member states. (Griff Witte)
  4. Thousands of New Delhi students protested for a recover of PhD claimant Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested and charged with mutiny after vocalization out during a campus event. (Rama Lakshmi)
  5. Nearly 59,000 U.S. bridges are structurally deficient, according to an research by a U.S. Department of Transportation. Current plan appropriation “won’t come close” to regulating a cryptic bridges, that camber a sum sum of 1,340 miles. (Ashley Halsey III)
  6. In a vital change caused by Southern California’s high construction costs and domestic opposition, California’s initial bullet sight will be built in a Bay Area, and not L.A. (L.A. Times)
  7. An endangered baby dolphin was killed on a beach in Argentina final week after being plucked from a H2O and passed around for selfies. (Peter Holley)
  8. Former MSNBC horde Ed Schultz close down his super PAC after receiving a sum of $25 in donations. (Free Beacon)

Major tech companies are rallying around Apple as it contests a justice sequence requiring it to assistance FBI efforts to advantage entrance to a iPhone used by a masculine militant in San Bernardino. Facebook and Google both uttered support for CEO Tim Cook’s resistance. Their argumentative comments give a distortion to a ridiculous explain done by Carly Fiorina during one of a GOP debates that tech companies wish to assistance a supervision nonetheless they usually have not been asked. It also raises questions about possibly these Silicon Valley corporations, radically monopolies, have too many power. On a other hand, The Post’s Editorial Board this morning takes Apple’s side over a FBI.


THE POPE IS JUST THE LATEST GLOBAL LEADER TO CONDEMN TRUMP, from Philip Rucker and Jenna Johnson: “First was a British primary minister, who called Donald Trump “divisive, foolish and wrong.” Then came Britain’s Parliament, that denounced him with colorful language. The French primary minister, a Turkish boss and a Saudi king also weighed in. On Thursday, Pope Francis sum a strongest voice nonetheless to a flourishing carol of universe leaders holding a mount opposite a luminary candidate. As a pontiff took a singular step of injecting his views into a U.S. campaign, his remarks underscored a stress coursing by universe capitals about a probable Trump presidency. Francis remarkable Trump’s guarantee to expatriate an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants vital in a United States illegally and make Mexico compensate for a wall along a limit to keep them out.”

  • “A authority who thinks usually about building walls — wherever they competence be — and not building bridges, is not Christian,” Francis told reporters aboard a pope plane as he returned to Rome from a revisit to Mexico, according to a interpretation from a Associated Press. “This is not in a Gospel.”
  • “For a eremite personality to doubt a person’s faith is disgraceful,” Trump, a Presbyterian, pronounced during a discuss convene in Kiawah Island. “I’m unapproachable to be a Christian, and as boss we will not concede Christianity to be consistently pounded and weakened, distinct what is function now with a stream president.”

Watch a 20-scond shave of Pope Francis’ comment about Trump:

THE ISSUES — “How drafting women became a throng emanate for Republicans on a trail,” by Greg Jaffe in Columbia, S.C.: “The contingency that 18-year-old women competence someday be drafted into a troops and forced to go by simple training is remote during best. So how did a emanate turn a theme of exhilarated discuss and multiplication inside a Republican primary? The emanate has small to do with troops effectiveness, nonetheless has low roots in a nation’s enlightenment wars … The doubt of drafting women fast pivots to broader topics such as a purpose of women in multitude and possibly they should be treated a same as men. The Obama administration motionless in Feb to open adult all fight jobs to women, call a doubt of possibly women contingency register for a draft, as organisation do. Republican possibilities Bush and Rubio pronounced that they should, heading an dubious Cruz to rail this week: ‘Have we mislaid a faculties? Is domestic exactness so immoderate that we’re not peaceful to contend that’s usually nuts?’”

WHO THEY ARE — “Rubio cumulative a mark on a 9/11 committee. Then he skipped many of a meetings,” by Manuel Roig-Franzia: “In a concerned weeks after a Sept. 11, 2001, militant attacks, a Florida House fabricated an chosen organisation of lawmakers to arise skeleton to keep a state protected … It was small warn that Marco Rubio, a earnest immature lawmaker, cumulative a desired cabinet position. [But] Rubio did not give a pursuit a courtesy that leaders expected. He skipped scarcely half of a meetings, and was absent for some-more than 20 votes, sketch regard from House care … and indication many of a traits that he has been criticized for during his [presidential] candidacy.  At times, Rubio confused his colleagues, both Democrat and Republican. After apologizing for impending late to a discuss about a due complement to lane unfamiliar students, Rubio argued sexually that a offer would foul aim law-abiding immigrants. But he fast corroborated down in a face of antithesis and, then, notwithstanding his publicly settled misgivings, went forward and voted for a proposal.”

— Charles Koch says he agrees with Sanders that a complement is fraudulent opposite a people in an op-ed for today’s Post. “In annoy of a fact that he mostly misrepresents where we mount on issues, a senator should know that we do determine on during slightest one,” a authority and arch executive of Koch Industries writes. “The senator is dissapoint with a domestic and mercantile complement that is mostly fraudulent to assistance a absolved few during a responsibility of everybody else, quite a slightest advantaged. He believes that we have a two-tiered multitude that increasingly dooms millions of a associate adults to lives of misery and hopelessness. He thinks many companies find and advantage from corporate gratification while typical adults are denied opportunities and a turn personification field. we determine with him.”

  • “Democrats and Republicans have too mostly adored policies and regulations that collect winners and losers. … it’s not adequate to contend that supervision alone is to blame. Large portions of a business village have actively pushed for these policies.”
  • “That’s given Koch Industries opposes all forms of corporate gratification — even those that advantage us. (The government’s ethanol charge is a good example. We conflict that mandate, even nonetheless we are a fifth-largest ethanol writer in a United States.)”
  • “At this indicate we competence be seeking yourself, ‘Is Charles Koch feeling a Bern?’ Hardly.”


 Kasich won a publicity of South Carolina’s Post and Courier, which assimilated The State. He will have a unequivocally good night if he gets some-more votes than Bush on Saturday.

Cruz takes to a Nevada airwaves with an ad directed during conservatives and libertarians sensitive to rustic Cliven Bundy. The Texan pledges to give “full control” of sovereign lands behind to a state. He also cumulative a support of Carl Bunce, who was Rand’s comparison confidant in Nevada and chaired Ron Paul’s 2012 discuss in a state. Story by David Weigel. Watch:


— South Carolina Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn will validate Hillary today. The third-ranking House Democrat is an approaching nonetheless critical get for Clinton. (Abby Phillip and Chris Cillizza)

Sanders, though, continues to make inroads with minorities in Nevada, winning an publicity from a Clark County Black Caucus, an successful classification in Nevada’s largest county. (John Wagner)

— Clinton has warranted an strenuous series of superdelegate endorsements given New Hampshire. She’s picked adult 87 while Sanders has sum usually 11. The Associated Press estimates that Clinton now leads a superdelegate race 481-55: “If these celebration insiders continue to behind Clinton overwhelmingly – and they can change their minds – Sanders would have to win a remaining primaries by a landslide usually to locate up. He would have to hurl adult vast margins given any Democratic competition awards representatives in suit to a vote, so even a crook can get some.” This inconsistency has sparked backlash, with Sanders supporters angry that a routine is undemocratically fraudulent in preference of Clinton.

— Hillary has some-more than 23,000 donors who have given her a authorised limit of $2,700. By contrast, Sanders has usually about 600 such “maxed out” donors. (The AP’s Julie Bykowicz)


Clinton told CNN on Tuesday that a unparalleled minors who crossed a limit illegally in new months “should be sent back.” Days later, that line continues to ring on amicable media, as this word cloud from a analytics partners during Zignal Labs illustrates:

To be sure, a full context got vaporous in many of a online conversation. “They should be sent behind as shortly as it can be dynamic who obliged adults in their families are, given there are concerns about possibly all of them should be sent back,” Clinton told Christiane Amanpour. “But we cruise all of them who can be should be reunited with their families.” This summary mirrors Obama’s, the Huffington Post’s Elise Foley notes.

Nonetheless, immigration was a many frequently discussed subject in a some-more than 200,000 mentions of Clinton opposite both normal and amicable media on Thursday:


— Clinton competence be winning a competition for endorsements, nonetheless she’s hardly circumference out Sanders in a promotion war. The Wesleyan Media Project found about 38,800 ads bearing Clinton have run this cycle, during an estimated cost of $20.8 million, roughly matching to 38,200 pro-Sanders ads, that cost an estimated $20.1 million. Bush retains a slight lead on a GOP side with roughly 36,000 auspicious ads aired, nonetheless he’s also spending a many – he and his allies have spent upwards of $60 million.

— So far, Clinton and Sanders have any aired intensely certain and issue-based ad campaigns. Unsurprisingly, Hillary’s ads essentially prominence social issues, while Bernie’s concentration on income inequality.

— The GOP side is a opposite story. It’s many some-more costly — ad spending from Republicans has scarcely tripled given this indicate in a final election, and in a final dual weeks Republicans have spent $24.5 million in ad spending contra a Democrats’ sum $6.4 million. It’s also many some-more negative.

— Unsurprisingly, Super PACs continue to browbeat GOP ad spending, versus over 90 percent of non-candidate sponsored advertising. (The Bush-backed Right to Rise again takes a lead here, spending an estimated $57.60 million for Jeb.)

Rubio continues to be a many targeted claimant in domestic ads, taking feverishness essentially from pro-Cruz and pro-Bush groups.

SOCIAL MEDIA SPEED READ, curated by Elise Viebeck:

Clinton’s discuss has upped its conform game: their new line of merchandise, Made for History, includes discuss tees by high-profile conform designers Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. (Vogue)

The New York Daily News goes after Trump again:

Trump’s amicable media executive slammed a Pope:

Lots of jokes ensued:

The New Yorker even suggested duplicate edits to Trump’s response to a pope:

The crowd at final night’s regressive confab in Greenville:

NBC threw shade during CNN:

Sanders shielded Killer Mike’s “uterus” comment:

Hillary surrogates done a accordant bid to paint Bernie as unresponsive to a predicament of Latinos:

Obama distinguished a Chicago Blackhawks during a White House:

Jason Chaffetz remembered a time he was spoofed on Saturday Night Live:

#tbt to being on Saturday Night Live #SNL

A print posted by Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) on Feb 18, 2016 during 5:33pm PST


— The Boston Globe, “Anti-Wall Street mount competence play good in Nevada,” by Annie Linskey: “Nevada is fruitful belligerent for Sanders’ evidence that he is a right authority to reason vast financial institutions obliged for a state’s foreclosure crisis. The state led a republic in home foreclosures for 5 years in a quarrel during a financial crisis. … Even now, in a vote-rich neighborhoods nearby a Vegas strip, 28 percent of all mortgages in Las Vegas are for amounts incomparable than a value of a homes. What that means is that Las Vegas has a tip rate of supposed underwater mortgages in a country. … Though a internal state celebration is strictly neutral, some of a actions preference Clinton. The celebration is regulating radio ads reminding Democrats about a caucuses targeted during African-Americans, a village in that Clinton has stronger support. At a congress training event sponsored by a Democratic party, organizers used ‘Star Wars’ characters as stand-ins for Clinton and Sanders. They comparison Princess Leia and Darth Vader. (Leia won a training caucus.)”

— Bloomberg, “The Coming War for a Democrats’ Caucus Archipelago,” by Sasha Issenberg: “The caucuses that follow Nevada’s are moulding adult as a bridgehead for a Democratic campaigns … The 13 congress states  represent a sum of 488 affianced delegates, some-more than California has on offer in a Jun primary. Caucuses make a sold hoax of a one-man-one-vote standard. With votes grounded some-more strongly in place than they are in primaries, it is mostly not probable to make adult for a diseased display in one area by overperforming in another …  [candidates] contingency play in any precinct. The plea for Sanders’s discuss will be to replicate what it did over months in Iowa—identify intensity supporters, teach them, and muster them—over a duration of weeks. And yet internal celebration elites to support her, Clinton will need magnanimous vigour groups—including some that have never before permitted in a Democratic primary—to coax efforts to brand sensitive activists who can proffer for her.”

— The Weekly Standard, “Some Vet Groups Still Waiting for Trump Foundation Checks,” by Michael Warren: “After Trump corroborated out of a Republican discuss in Iowa to reason a fundraiser for vets, his discuss wasn’t bashful about pity a good news: Trump had helped lift some-more than $6 million for an undeclared series of veterans’ organizations over a march of one hour. But weeks later, it’s formidable to figure out how many of that has been disbursed to groups, and to whom … I’ve contacted all 22 of [the organizations listed on Trump’s site] and have so distant listened behind from nine. Those who spoke with me pronounced their coming on that list was a initial word they had listened they would be receiving a donation. And for some, that was a final they’ve heard, too. ‘We found out like everybody else did, when a Trump Foundation put a list adult on a website,’ pronounced Kerri Childress of a Fisher House Foundation. ‘And honestly we haven’t listened anything since.’”

— Four engaging takes on a devout opinion in South Carolina on a eve of a primary:

  1. The Greenville News’ Nathaniel Cary: “By and large, Upstate pastors have shied divided from domestic impasse this choosing cycle, that could lead values electorate to make adult their possess mind. Jim Guth, domestic scholarship highbrow during Furman University, pronounced his students have listened during internal churches for domestic discuss from a pulpit and are conference little. ‘The ‘let’s usually stay transparent of this’ opinion seems to be prevalent this year,’ he said. That’s combined a opening that Trump has some-more than filled.”
  2. Michael Lindsay, a sociologist who has complicated evangelicalism in politics for dual decades, told a Greenville paper that Trump, and to a obtuse border Cruz, have tapped into “populist evangelicals,” working-class folks who listen to regressive speak radio, are drawn to mass rallies and reason a thought that motivating good masses of people is a approach to grasp domestic influence. Rubio garners a support of GOP devout appetite brokers who Lindsay describes as “cosmopolitan evangelicals,” strategy-minded, rarely prepared evangelicals who are reliant on their connections.
  3. “Trump is reaching out to new-school evangelicals, whose pastors turn celebrities and best-selling authors and whose church choirs can arise to turn chart-topping Christian pop-rock bands,” writes Bloomberg’s Kevin Cirilli. “Cruz, meanwhile, is going after some-more normal evangelicals, many of whom scowl on a element accoutrements of a rising new-school movement. … They concentration some-more on a Bible’s teachings and place reduction importance on personal wealth.”
  4. Washington Post videographer Dalton Bennett combined a 4-minute package featuring voter interviews, including with evangelicals who like Trump and hatred him:


On a discuss trail: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in Las Vegas. Republicans are in South Carolina. Here is their rundown:

  • Trump: Pawleys Island
  • Cruz: Myrtle Beach, Charleston, West Columbia, Greenville
  • Rubio: Columbia, Pawleys Island, Hilton Head Island, North Charleston, Clemson
  • Kasich: Columbia, Conway, Mt. Pleasant, Charleston
  • Bush: Spartanburg, Greenville, Central

At a White House: President Obama goes to a Supreme Court to compensate respects to Scalia. Later, Obama speaks during a Democratic Governors Association Meeting during a Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

On Capitol Hill: The Senate and House are in recess.


— Warm continue lovers, take heart! The Capital Weather Gang reports: “Clouds are something we competence have to contend with, nonetheless those wanting a slight mangle from arctic air, take condolence that these clouds vigilance warmer atmosphere solemnly relocating in. Additionally, contributing to a delayed pull to around 40 to mid-40s by afternoon? A strengthening southerly zephyr impending 10 mph. The cold’s tough to chase though, so be patient.”

— All lanes on a outdoor loop of a Capital Beltway close down this morning for an “extended time.” Drivers should use swap routes or design poignant delays via a morning. (Dana Hedgpeth)

— The Wizards kick a Utah Jazz 103-89. (Jorge Castillo)

— The Capitals kick a Islanders 3-2. (Isabelle Khurshudyan)


A traveller helicopter crashed in Pearl Harbor:

Here’s how Trump, Bush and Kasich weighed in about a pope’s criticism final night:

John Kasich had an romantic impulse with a University of Georgia tyro during his city gymnasium in Clemson:

Article source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/paloma/daily-202/2016/02/19/daily-202-will-south-carolina-republicans-buy-that-marco-rubio-is-just-as-conservative-as-ted-cruz/56c694fc981b92a22d2708c7/