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The Foreign Travels of Bernie Sanders

For decades, Bernie Sanders has trafficked a world, posterior an radical proceed to diplomacy. American politicians mostly revisit other countries to plan change abroad and strengthen existent alliances. Foreign transport can also be leisurely, permitting inaugurated officials to play traveller and spend time in oppulance hotels. Of course, not everybody sticks to a same script. Sanders has charted a opposite course, roving abroad to gainsay opposite his possess government, and critique a approach America wields energy on a tellurian stage. He has risked debate by fluctuating an olive bend to left-leaning governments shunned by a American domestic establishment. Along a way, Sanders has demonstrated a low seductiveness in unfamiliar policy, and a enterprise to figure a approach a universe views a United States.

As a member of Congress, Sanders has visited during slightest 41 countries, including Mexico, China, Israel, Vietnam, and South Africa, over a march of some-more than dual dozen government-sponsored and privately-funded trips. His travels have taken him to a Middle East to revisit a interloper stay in Jordan, discuss a Syrian dispute with diplomats in Turkey, and accommodate U.S. troops officials in Afghanistan. Sanders has trafficked to Central America to advise opposite a dangers of injured trade policy, and spent a substantial volume of time visiting Nordic nations that he now binds adult as models for America to emulate.

While portion as mayor of Burlington, Vermont, Sanders done unfamiliar transport something of a priority, a monument for an inaugurated central concerned in city government. He even set off on a outing to a Soviet Union after marrying his wife, Jane, in an bid to concrete a sister-city relationship. (“Trust me. It was a really bizarre honeymoon,” Sanders wrote in his updated discourse Outsider In a White House.)

Throughout his travels, Sanders has articulated a thought that domestic and unfamiliar priorities are inextricably linked. He has consistently railed opposite corporate energy and advocated for workers’ rights, requesting a same lens to unfamiliar process that he uses to diagnose many of a problems he sees in American society. That’s a design that emerges from an hearing of open transport annals and media coverage of his trips; Sanders’s memoir; a prejudiced list of countries he has visited supposing by his Senate office; and Legistorm, a database that marks secretly financed congressional travel.

Article source: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/02/bernie-sanders-foreign-policy/470019/