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‘The Handmaid’s Tale’: Behind The Scenes of Season 2’s Most Brutal Moments (So Far)

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers from Episodes 1 and 2 of “The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 2.]

In a initial dual episodes of Season 2, we don’t see one of a locations where “The Handmaid’s Tale” spent many of a time in Season 1: a Waterford house, radically a jail of Offred/June (Elisabeth Moss), a lady trapped by a heartless regime. “We don’t live during a Waterford house. Our universe is so many incomparable than that, utterly in Season 2,” executive writer Warren Littlefield said.

Instead, a tour of Offred/June goes wholly new places, from ballparks to airports to a Colonies and beyond, that presented no necessity of filmmaking hurdles for a show. In addition, a prolongation group was traffic with a earthy brutalities of life in Gilead — from unnatural woe to self-mutilation. The behind-the-scenes difficulties, both emotional, practical, and legal, were momentous, yet as Littlefield and Moss explained to IndieWire, returning for a second deteriorate after a rare success of a initial deteriorate did move with it some perks.

“She’s Trying to Be Strong”

THE HANDMAID'S TALE -- Jun -- Episode 201 -- Offred reckons with a consequences of a dangerous preference while condemned by memories from her past and a aroused beginnings of Gilead. Offred (Elisabeth Moss), shown. (Photo by:George Kraychyk/Hulu)

One of a Season 2 premiere’s many vivid scenes facilities Offred, now suggested to be pregnant, eating a play of soup while a handmaids who rebelled with her during a finish of Season 1 are evenly burnt for their transgressions. It’s impossibly tough to watch, yet Moss pronounced that creation that impulse wasn’t as tough as we competence think.

“It’s so humorous since when you’re filming a scene, it’s mostly utterly opposite than when we watch it,” she said. “When we were filming that scene, there was a certain volume of practicality: There’s a lot of credentials artists, there’s a burning, a arrange of mechanics of that, and we listened a screams of Nina [Kiri], a singer who plays Alma.”

But on set, Moss pronounced that in her experience, “you’re experiencing what a impression is experiencing, that is, in a way, we consider she wants to close down those feelings. we consider she is perplexing to not hear. She is perplexing to not be in that room. You know? How else could we get by that conditions than try not to be there. It’s a same thing with a Ceremonies that we did in Season 1.”

So her proceed was that “June, in that moment, is perplexing to be strong. She’s perplexing to be strong, she’s perplexing not to hear it, she knows there’s zero she can do, and she’s going to get by it. She doesn’t give dual shits anymore about anything, and she cares about these women, yet she also knows that she can’t do anything. She knows she can’t stop them, and there’s a toughness to that. There’s an acceptance of existence to that that is unequivocally a large partial of Jun in Season 2.”

However, that’s on set, that is a unequivocally opposite thing from what we see on screen. “When we watched a initial cut of it, we was devastated,” Moss said. “I was usually so implausible influenced by that scene, in a proceed that we was roughly astounded by.”

“We Take It One Step Further”

The Handmaid's Tale Season 2

Another iconic, gut-wrenching impulse comes pleasantness of June’s possess hand, as she outlines her leisure during a finish of Episode 1 by stealing a ear tab imprinting her as skill of Gilead — with a span of scissors. It’s a impulse that was teased for months following a recover of a few first-look photos, including a above shot: “The series one doubt about that print has been, is it your blood or is it someone else’s?” Moss pronounced with a laugh. “Which we consider is so fun.”

Moss walked IndieWire by a routine of filming a scene, initial on a unsentimental level: “It was unequivocally complicated. Quite a lot of makeup tests and a lot of reckoning out what that was going to be.”

The resolution they found was to emanate a prosthetic ear, requiring an ear expel (though Moss remarkable that she went forward and had both ears done, “because since not? Why not get both?”). And afterwards “that prosthetic ear was placed over my ear, so we was means to cut into a prosthetic ear. And afterwards there was a tube of blood that went adult behind my behind and shoots out blood, that never unequivocally goes a proceed that we devise it to go, but, we know, magnify a implausible makeup team, and a prosthetic makeup team.”

Moss desired a impulse since “it’s so deputy of a show. A lot of other shows would finish with a slicing of a hair and a blazing of a dress. We take it one step further, and we usually adore that moment, for a audience, when she turns around, and you’re like, oh, no. Please, God, no. Then, not usually that, she doesn’t usually cut it off with one fell swoop and afterwards it comes out. She gets in there, it doesn’t come out, and she’s got to go behind in.”

“That, to me, is so epic, and so a show,” she added. “And it was flattering fun to be lonesome in blood. I’ve got some flattering humorous behind a scenes photos.”

Moss’s pro tip for stealing feign blood, by a way, marks with other actors for whom this is a pursuit hazard: Shaving cream. “Like Gillette, a white, foamy stuff.”

Faking Fenway

THE HANDMAID'S TALE -- Jun -- Episode 201 -- Offred reckons with a consequences of a dangerous preference while condemned by memories from her past and a aroused beginnings of Gilead. Offred (Elisabeth Moss), shown. (Photo by: Take Five/Hulu)

One good thing that happens after we win a Emmy for Best Drama: You hear a lot some-more people contend approbation instead of no, when you’re operative on your second season. “We can’t hoop a volume of calls where member contend to us, we hoop this actor, actress, and they’re spooky with your show, and we usually can’t hoop all a names,” Littlefield said.

And that came in utterly accessible for a few elements of a initial dual episodes. The premiere’s jaw-dropping opener, for example, wouldn’t have been probable though a team-work of a Boston Red Sox, as it’s no typical margin where Offred and her associate handmaids are dragged to a gallows — it’s a mythological Fenway Park.

“We couldn’t etch Fenway though them identical to it,” Littlefield told IndieWire, “so we went to [Boston Red Sox chairman] Tom Werner, and we said, ‘Hey, here’s what we wish to do.’”

Major League Baseball is a flattering regressive classification in general, and Werner’s greeting to Littlefield’s ask was “How is this is good for baseball? How is this is good for a Red Sox?”

Littlefield told him that by entertainment a stage during Fenway, viewers would “appreciate that a dedicated partial of America is gone.” And a house of directors met to confirm a emanate usually coincidentally a day after final September’s Emmys ceremony, when “The Handmaid’s Tale” took home 8 trophies.

To emanate a scene, “we shot for a night during Fenway with a visible effects team,” Littlefield said. “We shot plates, and afterwards we shot a tangible stage during a ballfield in Hamilton, not too distant from Toronto.”

THE HANDMAID'S TALE -- Unwomen --Episode 202 -- Offred adjusts to a new proceed of life. The attainment of an astonishing chairman disrupts a Colonies. A family is ripped detached by a arise of Gilead. Behind a scenes with Offred (Elisabeth Moss), shown. (Photo by: George Kraychyk/Hulu)

It wasn’t a usually time Littlefield indispensable to make a identical call. In Episode 2, we see Jun relax with an aged partial of NBC’s “Friends”; Littlefield had to get each actor who seemed in a shave to pointer off on it being used on screen. As a former boss of NBC, this wasn’t too tough for him to arrange, yet a show’s success done things even easier.

The owners of a Boston Globe also concluded to let a uncover use a paper’s trademark on screen, while a scenes in that Jun hides inside a now-shuttered Globe offices were shot over a march of 5 nights in an active Canadian journal office.

And Littlefield was means to arrange for Episode 2 to finish with what was an thought dreamed adult by a episode’s editor. “He was in a showering or something, and he went, we know, we open in Fenway, and maybe it would usually be different, and interesting, if we prisoner a biggest impulse in a story of that team, if we prisoner that audio.”

Thus, a partial ends with commentator Joe Buck job a final moments of Game 4 of a 2004 World Series, when a Red Sox pennyless 86 years of damned for an epic win. The “Handmaid” group offering to make a concession to Buck’s favorite gift for a rights, and Buck agreed.

“People want, in usually any tiny way, to be a partial of it,” Littlefield said.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 2 is streaming now on Hulu.

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