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The L.A. Teachers’ Union Leader on What Would End a Strike

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Yesterday, we talked to Austin Beutner, superintendent of a Los Angeles Unified School District, about a city’s teachers’ strike that has all though belligerent a operations of a nation’s second-largest propagandize complement to a halt.

Today, we hear from a other side.

My co-worker Jennifer Medina talked to Alex Caputo-Pearl, a boss of United Teachers Los Angeles, only before Mayor Eric Garcetti announced that negotiations between a kinship and a district would resume today.

A assembly is scheduled for noon during City Hall, with a mayor’s staff portion as a go-between between a dual groups.

Mr. Caputo-Pearl, pronounced that conjunction he, Mr. Beutner nor a mayor would be during a list for a negotiations. “We’re going to let a teams puncture into it and afterwards we’ll be concerned shortly enough,” he pronounced late final night. He did not make any predictions about when a strike would end.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/17/us/california-today-la-teachers-union-leader-strike.html