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The politics of ‘House of Cards’ are deliciously unreal

‘House of Cards” is back. And usually in time to offer an shun from a waggish dystopia of a tangible politics into a ideal prophesy of a politics where, if things go wrong, it is since an immorality someone behind a scenes knows what he or she is doing.

If only.

The one loyal order of politics is Hanlon’s Razor, that states that we should never charge to malice what can be attributed to stupidity.

This flattering most manners out “House of Cards.”

Its dysfunctional politics are dysfunctional since people are meddlesome in creation deals. Making deals! Can we imagine?

In fact, if it weren’t for all a murder, “House of Cards” would be aspirational. One of a categorical characters, between bouts of dishonourable scheming, customarily goes on prolonged jogs. (This should advise us. Any uncover that believes people indeed lope when no one’s looking would consider a reason politics are dysfunctional is that Washington is full of efficient politicians who usually harm things on purpose.) Then people lay down in poetic bedrooms and make tip deals.

The simple incentive behind “House of Cards” is a same thing that drives UFO fanatics. I’ve been to mixed gatherings of people who trust in UFOs — both a faux-congressional conference for people who wanted to benefaction justification of a large UFO swindling and an eventuality for people who wanted to speak about their possess practice of abduction — and both times, it came down to: Well, it competence be that a sinister cabinet of Reptilians or Greys or Arcturians are using a whole world, nay, a whole universe, but, dang it, during slightest someone knows what’s going on.

It’s a calming conspiracy-theorist perspective of a world, where things that go wrong are usually move according to someone else’s dishonourable plan. And make no mistake, there is a plan.

But if politics these days have any lessons to offer, other than that center propagandize is never truly over, it is: there’s no plan. Things will not usually work themselves out.

All those domestic theorists who pronounced Don’t Worry, The Party Will Pick, The Trump Train Would Stop — were, how to put this politely, not grounded in fact. Not usually is no one pushing a bus, though also there competence not be a bus.

But try revelation people that.

Last weekend, we was during a Marco Rubio convene and a lady in attendance, who asked to be identified usually by her center name, Ariella, told me that a media are “ramming Trump down a throats since they’re fearful of losing their jobs.” Media, she posited, “are forced to worship him. They have no choice if they wish to keep their jobs . . . They’re all buddies, substantially eat lunch [together] once a week. Phyllis Schlafly likely this in her articles. The magnanimous media will collect your possibilities for you.”

This is a poetic and nurse prophesy of a star — though it’s not a case. The reason everybody is essay about Donald Trump literally 100 percent of a time always (sorry, by a way) is not that we’re being forced to do so by a Sinister, All-Knowing Masters. It’s simply that people click on articles about Donald Trump, and we live and die by a click.

The same goes opposite a board. When we consider we see a Cunning And Devious Plan, it’s roughly always a outcome of a dozen or a hundred particular instances of amassed incompetence.

It’s roughly never a Cunning And Devious Plan. When things go spectacularly wrong, it’s not since everybody bought into some Hideous Scheme, though since any particular chairman was doing something that done clarity to her on a tiny scale, and when she looked up, it was too late.

Still, it can be good to feel that someone, somewhere knows what he’s doing (never mind that zero we have ever gifted leads we to trust this). That’s because we watch “House of Cards.” But make no mistake: it’s fiction.

Article source: http://nypost.com/2016/03/08/the-politics-of-house-of-cards-are-deliciously-unreal/