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The slim PS4 is looking realer each day (updated)

Also, there’s serve support for beliefs that this is a new simple model, not a 4K-ready Neo. Wall Street Journal sources know that there will be a “new PlayStation 4 customary model” alongside a Neo during Sony’s September 7th event. While a tip is bashful on sum (there’s no cost or boat date), analysts think that it’ll be reduction costly than a $350 complement we can buy today. Frankly, that’s usually logical. The slim PS4 positively looks like it was theme to some cost-cutting, and Sony expected wants to tighten a cost opening with a $300 Xbox One S as fast as possible.

Update: Eurogamer says that “Upon holding authorised advice” it has motionless to mislay a video, however, there are still cinema of a section and a opening still says it’s a genuine thing.

Update 2: A separate video appears to uncover a relating new DualShock 4 with a lightbar that’s manifest from above.

Update 3: A new unboxing video (below) from a user called “ZRZ” spills flattering most all a beans on a new console and the slim controller.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/08/22/ps4-slim-on-video/