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The mother of ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán still believes in her husband’s innocence

Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is escorted to a helicopter in shackles by Mexican soldiers and marines in Mexico City on Jan. 8. (Eduardo Verdugo/Associated Press)

CULIACÁN, MEXICO — She arrived on time, pushing an unarmored car. There were no bodyguards in sight, nonetheless it was formidable to tell possibly a group we saw walking around a hotel progressing were her confidence guards.

It was an surprising coming for a mom of a many absolute drug duke in a world, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán. Emma Coronel Aispuro walked along a mill paved route of a balmy hotel garden like a indication on a catwalk, always wakeful of a cameras to put brazen her best angles while she toyed with her prolonged hair.

Her father is behind bars 700 miles divided from Culiacán, a collateral of a Mexican state of Sinaloa and also a building of Guzmán’s Sinaloa cartel. (There, we concluded to an talk without any restrictions on a issues we wanted to address.) Guzmán, 58, is confronting an extradition ask from a United States on charges of drug trafficking and homicide. He is in a maximum-security jail from that he transient final year by a tunnel. In 2001, he transient from another jail sheltered as a woman.

Coronel, his third wife, smiles simply and answers fast. She says she was innate in San Francisco, and is unapproachable of carrying an American driver’s permit since she admires and respects a nation where she was innate 26 years ago. She was wearing jeans, a thick linen coupler over a low-cut white shirt and high-heeled sandals. Plastic medicine creates her hardly resemble a smiling rancher lady who was crowned a beauty black of Coffee and Guayaba in a tiny city of Canelas, Durango, in 2007, when she was 17.

That was when she met Guzmán. By then, he already was a most-wanted drug trafficker in a world. Journalist Patricia Davila from Mexican repository Proceso wrote that Guzmán arrived during Coronel’s home city with 200 bodyguards roving ATVs. He had landed in one of 6 tiny planes that had overwhelmed down in discerning period on a track. With an AK-47 opposite his chest, he was headed to a common plantation of a Coronel family in Angostura, a city with 87 inhabitants, where a satisfactory was being held. But Coronel denies this fantastic chronicle of how she met her suitor. She acknowledges usually that she danced dual or 3 songs with him. Guzmán is 32 years comparison than she; Coronel is some inches taller than he. A few months later, they got married.


As a Univision organisation prepared a cameras for a talk in one of a hotel’s assembly rooms, we overwhelmed on a few topics. We discussed La Tuna, a encampment where Guzmán’s mom is seeking a supervision to lapse cows that were confiscated as partial of a raid in office of her son (who is, according to Forbes, one of a richest group in a world).

Coronel told us that she had complicated English for a year in San Francisco and went to college in Culiacán for 3 years to investigate communications. Later, in front of a cameras, she pronounced that what she many likes about broadcasting is questioning “unresolved cases.”

When we started talking, we referred to Guzmán usually by his final name. After so many years of covering a life of a kingpin, it was bizarre not pursuit him “El Chapo,” that translates into English as “Shorty.” Guzmán is 5-foot-6. But his mom calls him “Joaquin” or “my husband,” even yet she purebred a nickname “El Chapo” as a heading in Mexico to keep people from creation income off it. At one point, she interrupted a review to ask me if we would let her review a questions we had prepared for her. we declined, explaining that a process taboo that. She smiled, understanding.

But Coronel was in a mood to complain. She had never talked to a media before this recent round of interviews. Without consulting with her husband, she pennyless her overpower since she wants a universe to know that Guzmán could die in a Altiplano prison. According to her, a authorities in assign of a jail are murdering him solemnly with what she called a misfortune woe that exists: nap deprivation. The guards allegedly arise him any dual hours during night to take hurl call, and when he is means to rest, she said, they arise him adult with shrill conversations or noises outward his cell. A dog follows him everywhere.

That didn’t win most magnetism from many of a viewers, who sent us emails and tweets after a talk aired on DAY, reminding El Chapo about a mothers who don’t nap since he murdered their children.

Coronel’s profession says she skeleton to seem in Washington currently to record a tellurian rights defilement censure before a Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

The Mexican supervision denies all of her claims. Authorities contend that they are giving him a customary diagnosis for dangerous inmates, and that Coronel is fibbing about any abuse.

Given Guzmán’s situation, we approaching Coronel to batter a Mexican government. But she never mislaid her restraint and even refused to answer possibly she believes a supervision wants to kill her father since it is some-more available to have him passed than alive. She pronounced she usually wants a jail regulations to be enforced, and would usually contend a purported abuses are a form of unaccepted vengeance. She didn’t know if her father had any domestic friends or contacts in law coercion in a United States or Mexico. She didn’t seem to have any ill feelings opposite a U.S. probity system. Her summary was that a particular governments were usually doing their job, yet that her father is not a drug trafficker until prosecutors infer he is.

She pronounced she admires a United States since all is “organized” and “calm.” That was one of a reasons she wanted to give birth in San Diego to a twins she had with Guzman 3 years ago (they also became U.S. adults that way). She pronounced she loves to go selling in California and visiting kin who are, as she clarified, “legally documented” in a state. With her U.S. passport, Coronel crosses a limit any year possibly by land or plane, and she pronounced that not once has an immigration officer ever asked her about Guzmán.

We couldn’t equivocate seeking her about Guzmán’s alleged hazard to Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump. Smiling, she answered, Trump “gives himself too most importance, [Guzmán] would be unqualified of melancholy anyone, even him.”

She also insisted that Sean Penn and Mexican singer Kate del Castillo’s film organisation did not accept any income from Guzmán to make a film about his life, and that he was meddlesome usually in revelation his story. But she combined that it would be an respect if del Castillo played her in a movie. (She pronounced that notwithstanding flirtatious content messages between del Castillo and Guzmán leaked by Mexican authorities, she’s not jealous, since she does not consider a texts are authentic.) She steady a assign that Guzmán’s counsel had done in another interview: When Guzmán was arrested in Mazatlan in Feb 2014, with Coronel present, some of a officials who participated in a operation were American. “I didn’t see them, since they fast blindfolded me, yet we could hear that they were vocalization English,” she said. (Such appearance by unfamiliar agents in a domestic operation in Mexico would violate Mexican law.)

According to Guzmán’s attorney, José Refugio Rodríguez, his customer told him that American officials were astounded that a drug duke didn’t have a lot of income with him and regularly asked where a rest of a income was. “They contingency consider he is rotting in income or something like that,” Coronel said.

All of her answers seemed cautious, as yet she had rehearsed a answers with her attorneys. Take her chronicle of who her father is: a rancher but a lot of money, a good father who admires honesty, a ladies’ male who is also respectful, pacifist and romantic. She didn’t seem so happy, however, when she removed that he never had her serenaded.

And there was one final, touching note: The bad El Chapo, a multimillionaire drug trafficker famous to be aggressive with women, who flooded a universe with cocaine, heroin and amphetamines, has never been in her residence in Culiacán. Only a good one — her father — has.

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