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Theft of supports from primary minister’s office: Malaysia’s anti-graft …

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) seized RM1.19 million (US$292,000) in income following a apprehension of 17 confidence officers from a Prime Minister’s Department last Tuesday (Aug 7).

MACC sources said three new vehicles – a Subaru Impreza, a Toyota Vios and a Honda motorcycle – were also seized.

MACC emissary arch commissioner (operations) Azam Baki reliable a seizures, that were carried out in tie with a agency’s investigations into purported burglary of RM3.5 million of supports from a primary minister’s office.

It was purported that a confidence officers had taken a income from then-prime apportion Najib Razak’s bureau after anticipating out that Barisan Nasional had mislaid to Pakatan Harapan on a night of a May 9 ubiquitous election.

They allegedly common a income among themselves on a morning of May 10.

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The income was reportedly partial of Umno’s choosing funds.

On Thursday, a MACC confiscated several items, including five cars, 11 motorcycles, 5 rings, a bracelet and income amounting to RM978,800.

Last Tuesday, all 17 suspects were incarcerated when they were hauled in for doubt during the MACC domicile in Putrajaya.

They were remanded for 5 days to support in investigations.

Article source: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/theft-of-funds-from-prime-minister-s-office-malaysia-s-anti-10607830