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There’s A Comet In Fortnite, And Players Have Wild Theories About What It Means

There’s something bizarre going on in Fortnite right now. Controllers are rumbling randomly, when zero is happening. There’s something in a sky that wasn’t there before. Nobody knows what any of it means.

Right now, if we demeanour adult into Fortnite’s skybox, we competence notice a glossy universe with a astronomical tail. It looks like a comet. The intent doesn’t seem to be a partial of a charge or anything like that—actually, it seems to have specialized animations, as if it’s relocating opposite a sky. The extraordinary thing is, players contend that a comet appears to be removing bigger. we played yesterday, and a comet looked like this:

Smaller, some-more distant, not utterly as bright. The design from a tip of a post, meanwhile, was taken this morning. It seems that Epic is solemnly yet certainly creation this intent some-more manifest on a sky. But why? What does it mean?

When Kotaku reached out to a developer, a deputy usually answered with a singular image:


Okay, then. 🤔

Players competence as good be a swindling speculation dude right now. Without Epic’s direction, players are holding to Reddit to order theories about a stress of a comet. Will a comet strike a map? What happens when it does—will it come with an event? Goodies? Will a comet destroy the map, or change it somehow? (I’m doubtful of this final idea—Epic only combined a garland of new areas to a island, would they unequivocally only get absolved of it all for a new map?)

Earlier this month, a Redditor submitted a map thought where Tilted Towers gets remade into a crater, and some folks consider this competence be what’s function right now. The thought is that Tilted Towers will get nuked and flattened. While Epic has had fun with Redditors and incorporated their ideas into a game, it seems doubtful to me that Tilted Towers will privately get targeted. It hasn’t even been here for really long. But who knows?


While a timing competence make this seem like a intensity Apr Fool’s gag, a comet things seems to camber most longer than this specific weekend. Actually, a whole Battle Pass deteriorate seems to be space-themed, and we still have weeks left to go before it’s over. During this season, one of a Battle Pass rewards is an wanderer costume. Savvy players have also beheld that other unlockables include stickers of eggs, dinosaurs, and an explosion. It’s as if Epic is referencing dinosaur extinction, something that was stirred by an asteroid. Will something large occur during a finish of a stream Fortnite season?

Another heading speculation is that this is all a rave for Epic announcing that Save a World, a PVE apportionment of Fortnite, will turn free. While I’m uncertain there’s adequate justification to support this, it’s certaintly a pierce that would make sense: it’s baffling that anyone would compensate for that apportionment in a diversion in a initial place.

If you’re personification on console, we competence have also beheld that your controller keeps charity rumble feedback. It’s apparently a glitch:


Even with this info, given all else that is going on with a comet, players are still perplexing to figure out what it “means.” One actor mapped out where a rumbles happen, and another has attempted transforming a rumbles into morse code. Until a emanate is fixed, we’re expected going to get some-more theories about a rumble, and either or not it connects to a wider mystery.

Even after saying all a justification floating around, we have no thought what is happening. If zero else, though, we adore that Fortnite can get uncanny like this.

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