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Theresa May Stalls on Brexit. Again. And Again. And Again.

Traditionally some-more accommodating than tough Brexit supporters, a some-more pro-European coterie now faces an strident dilemma. If they insurgent they will mount indicted of undermining Mrs. May in her fight with Brussels, and risk carrying pro-Brexit Conservatives spin opposite them.

But if they reason behind for too most longer, they could leave it too late, and some are wondering either Mrs. May could — eventually — finish adult obliging her right-wingers and stumbling into a no-deal Brexit.

“I think that there are adequate supervision ministers who are amply disturbed about a consequences that, during a finish of February, they will put their feet down and bluster to walk,” pronounced Tim Bale, highbrow of politics during Queen Mary, University of London.

“But it will have to be some flattering high form people,” he added, observant that it was not in a DNA of a pro-Europeans to play hardball. “They are in some senses still clearly happy to take a blade to a gunfight. They do have to start make-up some feverishness instead of articulate a good game.”

The signs are that Mrs. May will continue to fibre things out, if she is authorised to do so. On Tuesday, she hinted strongly that were she to win a opinion for a revised chronicle of her deal, she would cut legislative corners to rush it by Parliament.

That suggests she competence devise to leave things really late indeed. Interviewed by a BBC, Andrea Leadsom, a personality of a House of Commons, refused to repudiate that a final opinion on Mrs. May’s devise could be behind until after a European Union limit on Mar 21-22. That would meant a opinion only days before Brexit.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/12/world/europe/theresa-may-stalls-on-brexit-again-and-again-and-again.html