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Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Failed. Here’s What You Need to Know.

Jean-Claude Juncker, a boss of a European Commission, pronounced in a statement that he also remarkable “with regret” a outcome of a vote.

He confirmed that a stream Brexit agreement is “a satisfactory concede and a best probable deal” and “the usually approach to safeguard an nurse withdrawal of a United Kingdom from a European Union.”

The negotiations between Europe and Britain formally began in Jun 2017 and lasted for scarcely a year and a half. The European Commission has begun putting a contingency plan in place, in box a confederation is incompetent to come to an agreement with Britain, to minimize what could be a pell-mell and deleterious divorce.

In his statement, Mr. Juncker alluded to a withdrawal deadline — 10 weeks divided — and warned Britain, “Time is roughly up.”

Mrs. May now has until Monday to benefaction a backup devise to Parliament. But she is using out of time to come adult with a understanding that would be upheld by a deeply divided Parliament: a coterie of her possess Conservative Party has advocated a “hard Brexit,” a antithesis wants closer mercantile ties with Europe, and parties are separate about terms per a Irish border. Many in her possess celebration abandoned a primary apportion during Tuesday’s vote.

Mrs. May has indicated that she will interest to a European Union in Brussels for concessions and try again to win parliamentary approval, though a confederation is doubtful to renegotiate but a transparent trail forward. That could meant possibly withdrawal but a deal, a unfolding many lawmakers wish to avoid, or a most “softer” Brexit — one with closer ties to a European Union.

Mrs. May could also call a second referendum, an choice adored by some antithesis politicians who wish that electorate have altered their minds. But she has so distant against this option.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/15/world/europe/brexit-deal-vote-takeaways.html